iOS 4.3 will bring back hardware screen orientation lock to iPad

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iPad Screen Orientation Lock

When iOS 4.2 came out, it changed (a bit) the way you used your iPad. The screen orientation switch on the side of the device was now a mute button. You could simply mute your iPad by switching this switch. But to lock the screen orientation, you will have to scroll to the next window and select the screen orientation lock icon, which is not handy when you are in a hurry.

I guess the users were not pleased with this change. The people at the company came to know about this, I guess. And now there is a rumor that the feature will be brought back to the device in the next update. It is said the update will give you both options. You can either use it as a switch to mute your device, or to lock the screen orientation lock switch. You can specify the action in the settings menu of the device. So wait for it to be released it you are one unhappy user.

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