Now Enjoy Having Extended Storage Limit for IPads

An iPad is a kind of computer tablet that falls somewhere between the iPhone and laptop in terms of functionalities. The internal memory of an iPad varies from 8GB to 64GB and is believed to be non expandable due to the absence of any external slot for memory in these devices. But, now you can safely connect an external storage device to your iPad.

Know the 7 best external storage devices for an iPad

1. Maxell AirStash

This is basically a USB SD card reader and works perfectly when connected wirelessly to an iPad. The compact device can provide an external storage up to a whopping 128 GB and boasts of in –built media server and a battery.

2. Kingston Wi-Drive

You can get the WEP-secured portable device from the App Store and connects up to three devices at the same time. The device from the well known brand Kingston can add up to 32 GB of additional space and has a one year warranty. It also works well with the iPod and iPhones.

3. Seagate 500GB GoFlex Satellite

This is a great external storage device that comes with a battery that can be recharged and has USB 3.0 connectivity so that the user of iPad or Android devices can transfer data at a fast speed to and from the laptop. You can download the free GoFlex Media app from an Apple App Store. You can also get access to the storage device from iTunes.

4. HyperDrive 1 TB

You have to connect this excellent device to your iPad through a USB cable and the connection kit of Apple Camera. This allows adding 1 terabyte of external memory and is able to transfer up to 40 GB once fully charged. The device comes with a 1600mAh replaceable battery.

5.  G-CONNECT 500 GB

G-Connect 500 GB comes from the renowned Hitachi and works excellently to simultaneously transfer data up to 5 devices.It uses as USB 2.0 compliant interface and also works as a Wi-Fi hotspot for iPad users. You can also protect the G –Connect through a password and thus can be sure of the security of your data over it.

6. Buffalo Technology CloudStor Solo

This is a light weighted portable device that can give you up to 2 TB space to the iPad. Sharing gets a new dimension here as you can share data remotely over your Apple device through the TCP/IP networking.

7. HyperDrive Hard Drive

The new hard drive from Sanho provides a casing by means of which one can add any standard hard drive to your iPad. No special app or any jailbreak is required to extend the external memory up to 1 TB. The casing can be connected to an iPad through a dock connector positioned at the base. The device is already quite popular among Apple users and is very elegant in its appearance.

Thus we can see how the wonderful external storage device can help us immensely in storing innumerable number of photographs, videos, and music to an iPad. However, it is advisable to only pick the best one keeping in mind your requirements and choice.

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