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Getting the most out from the iPhone 4s

You simply ordered your iPhone 4S and then you need to know everything your brand-new iPhone can perform. Having a storage capacity of up to 64GB, there are lots of activities you’re able to do. For newbie’s, the iPhone 4S has a great personal assistant called Siri. This voice-activated software understands your commands and carries [...]

Now Enjoy Having Extended Storage Limit for IPads

An iPad is a kind of computer tablet that falls somewhere between the iPhone and laptop in terms of functionalities. The internal memory of an iPad varies from 8GB to 64GB and is believed to be non expandable due to the absence of any external slot for memory in these devices. But, now you can [...]

Samsung’s New Tablet to Challenge Apple’s iPad

Samsung introduced a new tablet in the US to wrestle Apple’s share of the technical market. Samsung released Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in South Korea, US and Britain weeks before it unwrapped the refurbished version of 5.3 Note smartphone. Apple always accuses Samsung for copying the features and design of iPhone and iPad. But this [...]

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Could the iPhone 5 launch with LTE in the UK?

Yesterday UK network Everything Everywhere, the rebranded merger of T-Mobile and Orange, officially demonstrated the UK’s first high speed 4G LTE network. Attendees were able to get very high speeds on their mobiles; nearly 40 Mb/s down and 24 Mb/s up. That’s a lot faster than the majority of home broadband connections, although no doubt [...]

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Apple iPad Mini to be bigger than other 7″ tablets

We have been reading a lot about Apple’s supposedly new offering, the iPad mini. The Cupertino tech giant never really wanted to come into the 7″ tablet market. There have been words from Steve Jobs where he says the display size of the iPad has been designed after a lot of study. But now, the [...]

Top 5 iPad 3 accessories

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Top 5 iPad 3 accessories

Today we’ll be looking at five of the latest and greatest accessories available for our favourite Apple tablet, that third generation iPad. Let’s get right into the top five iPad accessories! 5. Universal Cradle for iPad, iPhone and iPod This sleek, white glossy dock for the iPad keeps your tablet charged and synced with your PC. [...]

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Leaked specs of the new 13″ MacBook Pro include two USB 3 ports, Ivy Bridge processor, and no Retina Display

A lot of Mac OS fans have been waiting for the new version of the MacBook Pro which was rumored to have some super cool features such as the awesome Retina Display which became popular on the iPhone, and a slimmer design by removing the optical disc drive. But the new leaked specs of the 13″ MacBook Pro says something else.


How Jailbreaking will Break Your iPhone

The moment most Apple enthusiasts are waiting for has finally arrived with the new unlock/Jailbreak for those pesky iPads (2 and 3) along with the iPhone 4S. A simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know about getting into the head of your little Apple device. Some of you might get a [...]

Now a Windows phone7 API Mapping Tool by Microsoft on iOS devices

Although Apple is ruling the roost in mobile computing with iPhone, Microsoft is planning to share the market with them. For this purpose, Microsoft has come up with a new tool called Windows Phone 7 API mapping tool, which is aimed to attract more of iPhone developers to Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 platform. What’s New [...]

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Apple iCloud may see storage upgrade, Instagram-like social sharing

Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference is coming in mid June, so you know that the rumours are beginning to fly fast and furious. This week, the rumour of choice is that Apple may be upgrading iCloud with full blown photo-sharing social network features similar to Instagram. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, [...]