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Apple removed click-wheel games from iTunes, iPod Classic may be next

Earlier this week, we saw a rumor that said Apple may soon stop iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle to improve the sales of the iPod Touch. Now, that rumor seems to be correct as Apple has removed click-wheel based games from the iTunes Store. Click-wheel was found only on the iPod Classic, and removing games and apps for the hardware type could only mean that the hardware type is going to be extinct soon.

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Apple may discontinue iPod Shuffle and iPod Classic

One of Apple’s best post-PC products in the iPod. As the iPhone changed the world of smartphones and as the iPad changed the world of tablets, iPod changed the world of portable music players a few years ago. Apple was doing a good business selling it. But as iPhone came along with all the features of the iPod (with the iPod app) and with some more smartphone features, people started buying the iPhone with some extra investment, and the iPod sales reduced gradually.