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Now Enjoy Having Extended Storage Limit for IPads

An iPad is a kind of computer tablet that falls somewhere between the iPhone and laptop in terms of functionalities. The internal memory of an iPad varies from 8GB to 64GB and is believed to be non expandable due to the absence of any external slot for memory in these devices. But, now you can [...]

Samsung’s New Tablet to Challenge Apple’s iPad

Samsung introduced a new tablet in the US to wrestle Apple’s share of the technical market. Samsung released Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in South Korea, US and Britain weeks before it unwrapped the refurbished version of 5.3 Note smartphone. Apple always accuses Samsung for copying the features and design of iPhone and iPad. But this [...]

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Apple iPad Mini to be bigger than other 7″ tablets

We have been reading a lot about Apple’s supposedly new offering, the iPad mini. The Cupertino tech giant never really wanted to come into the 7″ tablet market. There have been words from Steve Jobs where he says the display size of the iPad has been designed after a lot of study. But now, the [...]

Top 5 iPad 3 accessories

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Top 5 iPad 3 accessories

Today we’ll be looking at five of the latest and greatest accessories available for our favourite Apple tablet, that third generation iPad. Let’s get right into the top five iPad accessories! 5. Universal Cradle for iPad, iPhone and iPod This sleek, white glossy dock for the iPad keeps your tablet charged and synced with your PC. [...]

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iPad may debut at Harrods on March 16

With the rumoured announcement date less than two weeks away, new iPad 3 rumours continue to flow. The most interesting one to break this week is the possible launch date of the iPad 3 - March 16th. Why that date? Well, you might have heard back in January that Apple are due to open a [...]

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Latest iPad 3 Rumours - Retina Display, Quad-Core, March 7th Launch

The iPad 3 has been the subject of constant speculation, almost since the iPad 2 was launched around this time last year. Now, the iPad 3 is expected to be launched very soon and the shouted rumours are reaching fever pitch. Let’s have a look at what we think we know about the most highly [...]

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Next gen iPhone and iPad may have 20 times increased performance

Imagination Technologies, manufacturer of the PowerVR Series6 GPU, announced at CES that the new generation of the PowerVR Series6 GPU core family that will be out soon will provide up to 20 times improved performance. Apple is one of the major share holders at Imagination Technologies and has used the PowerVR GPU chips in its iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and the Apple TV.

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Apple rumored to use Sharp’s IGZO technology for iPad 3 display

We have had the news that Apple will be seeking Sharp as the display supplier for the upcoming iPad 3, and WSJ had even confirmed this Today we have new news about the same topic. Apple will surely be using Sharp’s display, and but the news is about the technology being used. It is being rumored that Apple will be using Sharp’s IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology in the iPad 3 display.

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7-inch iPad not coming in 2012, but iPad 2 will become cheaper

It is not a rumor or a notion that Apple has been testing a smaller 7-inch iPad, Apple people admit it openly. The 7-inch iPad, unofficially dubbed the iPad Mini, will not be seeing the day light in 2012, this is according to the analyst Blair. But instead of this, Apple is thinking of selling the iPad 2 at a much lower cost.

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Apple iPad 3 may be launched on Steve Jobs’ birthday

The Apple iPad 3 has had a lot of rumors about the specs and also about the release of the device. But now, there is a new report that says Apple is thinking of launching the next gen iPad on its former CEO Steve Jobs’ birthday. Steve Jobs, who passed away on October 5th, was born on February 24th. So this is when you might want to expect the new iPad 3.