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Music Trends Expected In The Coming Time


Music Trends Expected In The Coming Time

Music is a passion for numerous people. It is nearly impossible to ignore the charm associated with it. We often find new trends coming up in the field of music. People particularly youngsters are always enthusiastic about these trends. Let us explore some of the music trends expected to arrive in the coming time – [...]


How knowing your Browser can Help you Avoid Risks

Web browsers put users under risk of malware and security breaches since they are the veiled curtains between users and spyware professionals and hackers. Even though you might be content with your browser settings, it is smart to change those settings to ones that ensure greater security. Here are some browser basics you need to [...]

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Use your iDevice as the controller for Real Racing on your Mac

If you are an iOS gamer, there is a very good possibility that you would have heard of Firemint’s Real Racing. The game is one of the best racing games, or you can even say one of the best games, on the iOS platform. The developers of the game have been pushing the limits to its maximum possible extent all the time. When Apple released the AirPlay mirroring feature in the iOS 5 OS, Firemint was one of the first companies to use the feature in their game.

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Google Chrome is the most secure browser

There are a number of browsers available for you to choose from. But the most popular third-party browsers are the Google Chrome and the Mozilla Firefox, and we see a lot of Opera users as well, but the browser’s market share is not high as that of the other two players mentioned. Though, Opera has been able to be in the competition for quite some time, which in itself is awesome.

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Windows 8 built-in Music player screenshots leaked

Microsoft is bringing in a lot of new things to its new OS, the Windows 8. The company’s attempt to merge the desktop, tablet, and smartphone OS into one is pretty interesting indeed. After the official news about the Windows 8 Store, today we have some screenshots leaked of the built-in Music player which is coming in the Metro UI of Windows 8.

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Virtual City Playground coming to Mac on December 15th

G5 Games is bringing its best city building game, Virtual City Playground, to Mac computers. If you have been playing it on your iPhone or iPad, or even your Android device, then its time to get it on your Mac desktop or laptop as well. The best part is, the game is free. Yes!! And you get a ton of content to download as well once you have started playing the game.

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Software to detect altered photos

You see a lot of celebrity photos everyday (I guess), and a lot of models in magazines, newspaper ads, and online ads. But how do you know which image is real, which is retouched? For a well-trained or experienced eye, this will be very obvious. A well experienced Photograph professional will easily make out which is an altered image. Or even you may do it if you know the person in the image, like a celebrity. But how to be sure?

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Chrome beats Mozilla Firefox for second place in browser war

StatCounter is an organization which closely monitors browser usage in different way. Today, StatCounter released a report for the month of November, and according to the report, Google’s Chrome has done the expected. Google Chrome has taken second place in the browser market share and Mozilla Firefox has slipped to the third spot from second. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is still, somehow, the king in the browser market share.

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Microsoft’s Lync coming soon to all platforms

Microsoft has been working on a project called the Lync that provides integrated IM solution including web chat, video chats, web conferencing, audio chat and a lot more. A lot of people around the world have been waiting for the app to come out, but there were only rumors that the Lync will be coming out some time in the next four weeks, but there wasn’t any official confirmation. But now, we do have.