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The Ultimate Kindle Chargers

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The Ultimate Kindle Chargers

Kindles can last a long time between charges, but if you’re a real word fiend or you like to use the experimental browser and 3G connectivity, you can still find yourself running dry a lot sooner than you’d like. In this article, we’ll be covering four of the best charging options on the market, in just two [...]

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Amazon Kindle vs. books, which is a better choice?

This is one of the topics that will remain active for at least a year more. The world is changing for hardcore readers now. Readers who are tech savvy enough to appreciate the awesomeness of an e-reader like the Kindle will happily migrate from books to an e-reader. But people who consider gadgets to be some kind of an evil thing to happen to the human kind will for sure resist moving to an e-reader. But if you consider the advantages and the disadvantages of the two, which is a better choice for a reader who enjoys his library? Let’s do some discussion now.

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Sony Reader Wi-Fi now available for $99 for a limited period

A smart move from Sony put its Wi-FI e-reader, the Reader Wi-Fi, at just $99 from the usual $149 price. This gives you a direct $50 discount. This offer stands only till December 24th. So, how will this affect the e-reader market? Not much really, if you ask me. The $50 discount does put the Sony Reader Wi-Fi in direct competition with the Amazon Kindle Touch and the Barnes & Noble Nook. But people who love the vast collection available on Amazon will not want to miss it for the Sony brand name.

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Amazon Kindle Touch rooted using MP3 hack

The Amazon Kindle Touch may not be based on the Android platform, but it sure is fun to know that you can do something on it which will let your install more apps and get more productivity out of it. So, you need to root it, if you want to. And today, we have the most weirdest root hacks ever seen, an MP3 track. Yes, an MP3 track!

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Kobo takes on Amazon Kindle head on with free e-books

Kobo had released the $99.99 Kobo Touch with offers to compete with Amazon’s similarly priced and ad-supported Kindle Touch, Kobo is taking Amazon’s foot steps again to give it a familiar blow. Amazon Kindle Prime owners will get a free e-book every month each year, so that’s 12 free e-books every month if you are a prime member. And to become a prime member, you need to pay. Kobo, on the other hand, is starting a “Kobo Book Club” for its e-reader owners.

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Kobo announced $99 e-reader with ads

Amazon and Barnes and Noble have already entered this market, the $99 e-reader market, with their own offerings. Amazon has its awesome Kindle Touch with Special Offers, and Barnes and Noble has its version of Nook Simple Touch. Now, to take on these devices, Kobo is introducing its $99 e-reader, the Kobo Touch with Offers. This is basically the same as the $130 version of the Kobo e-reader, but the difference that comes with the price drop is, you will get offers or ads on your screen when you have put the device in sleep mode or have turned if off, as well as in places that the company calls as “discreet places.”

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Sony Reader PRS-T1 can run Android apps

If you ever doubted that the Sony Reader PRS-T1 is an Android based device, its time to pat your own back, you were right. Many people had this doubt but nobody ever tried to prove it, except for this one guy who has hacked the Sony Reader to run Android apps. The hack has not yet been made public, as its not yet so stable, but it sure will be out for the public use pretty soon.

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Amazon unveils the Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch and standard Kindle eReader

We have seen the new buzz in the tablet industry about Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. And today, Amazon finally announced it today at its even in New York City. The tablet has a 7-inch display and runs on Android. The tablet brings in all the Amazon services there are: AmazonMP3, Amazon Prime, Amazon Kindle, Amazon Instant Video and the Amazon AppStore. Even though there will probably be no Android Market, the Amazon AppStore will make a good alternative.

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Make way for Google’s new e-reader

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Nook Color hacked to run Android apps


Nook Color hacked to run Android apps

Barnes & Noble Nook Color was released back in November. And a few weeks later, it was rooted, which means you get full control of the underlying Android OS. This also means you can enjoy a few many apps which run on Android tablets, on your Nook Color, directly from the Android Market.