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Which of the Cartoon Network Games Can Be Downloaded on iPhone?

Which of the Cartoon Network Games Can Be Downloaded on iPhone?

Cartoon Network has hundreds of games, mostly inspired by its own shows, on its website. Not all of them can be downloaded to a mobile, but most of them can be played on one – if the phone in question has a fast enough network connection and can take enough data without running out of [...]

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Nyko and NVIDIA announce Tegra-optimized gaming controllers for Android devices

Android have evolved into a very strong and productive mobile platform. Not just that. With Nvidia’s new Tegra series of processors, Android devices are very much capable of becoming cool gaming consoles. We all know that Android has a very rich collection of game titles, both hardcore gaming and casual light gaming. Tegra has been working very hard to give the Android world with really good gaming performance, and with its new Tegra 3 quad-core processor, tablet and smartphones are becoming hardcore gaming consoles.

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Have fun in the loo with urine-controlled video games

We have to go to the loo, there is no way to escape it. But when you are at a bar with your friends, and may be a date, you don’t want to leave their sight, for some reason. So, going to the loo will be as much fun. But not anymore. Now, you will forget who you are with and you will forget that you are in a bar. Reason? There is a new urine-controlled video game! How cool is that?

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Sony releases PlayStation Vita in Japan

After a lot of delay, Sony has finally released the much awaited PlayStation Vita to gamers in Japan. It’s like the release of an Apple product with fans queuing up in front of stores hours ahead of the release. You would think Sony’s delay in launching the device so late and well into the holiday season would affect the sales of the console, but you could easily be wrong given the demand for the next gen console.

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Nintendo 3DS system update pushed to December 8th

Nintendo has not yet released the update which it had promised to release by the end of November. The update is still going through some internal testing and according to Nintendo’s latest statement, it will be released on December 8th.

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Sony says it doesn’t want to be late to the party with PS4

I know most of you are hooked up to your PS3 right now, and a few of you are planning on buying one right now. Such is the demand for the PS3. One of the best gaming consoles there have been, right? Well, it looks like its era is coming to an end, because Sony is talking Play Station 4. There is a lot of competition to the next gen Play Station from Microsoft’s Xbox.

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Sony PlayStation Vita now offers content sharing

If you have been wondering how to share data between your PC, PS3, and the new PlayStation Vita, here is a solution. It was not that easy till now, but Sony has officially made it possible. You will be able to share saved game data, music, videos, pictures, and other data between your PC, PS3, and the PlayStation Vita.

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Non-Sony devices to get Sony PlayStation games

Sony has a great place in the world of gaming, both console gaming and portable gaming. The PlayStation is one of the standards in the world of gaming. Sony made this portable with the awesome PlayStation Portable (PSP) a few years back. Then came the NGP, and now the PlayStation Vita. There is also the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, an Android phone which gives the pleasure and feel of PSP on a phone.

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iNVADERCADE wants the iPad gaming share

Recently, we saw Atari release an iPad gaming console for its games. We also have the iCade for some time which is considered the best in the category as it uses Bluetooth to communicate with the iPad 2, hence making it more flexible. Another feature is that it supports landscape games, unlike the Atari console.

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Nintendo 3DS game trailers are now on the web

Nintendo had a conference last month where a lot of 3D games were showcased for the 3DS, and today there are a few game trailers available for download right away. These are available on the North American, European, and Australian eShops. You will see the banner Nintendo 3DS Conference 2011 on the European and Australian websites, and Upcoming Games Preview on the American website.