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Why To Go For Professional PSD To HTML Conversion?

Website design and development is one of the growing industries where new software and online tools are being introduced every day. Various open CMSs like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc. are available to setup and design new website easily. This means you can design website and customize functions according to your requirement. Though some free themes [...]

6 Hosting Issues That Can Ruin Your Website

For newbies, it’s difficult to decide which hosting service will be helpful and which would ruin the website. Choosing right hosting service provider can help website to earn higher ranking in search results. Also, visitors will be pleased when the website takes less time to load. Usually, people choose a company that is offering cheap [...]

What Makes a Perfect web Design Company

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What Makes a Perfect web Design Company

With mankind’s growing dependency on the internet, everything a person does is being given an online angle. This is why; businesses across the globe have decided to make go online. An online presence makes a company’s products reach out to a larger number of potential buyers. But website creation and its development is a task [...]

The Ways In Which A Dedicated Seo Service Helps

The stiff competition on the vast online arena is reason enough to hire the services of a dedicated SEO for your website. Everyday hundreds of websites are making their mark on this huge platform and constantly trying to create a niche for themselves. This is where a dedicated SEO is so instrumental. They are professionals [...]

The Role of Server Racks in Your Data Centre Design

The Role of Server Racks in Your Data Centre Design

To a large extent, the number of server racks used by a business depends on two things: the size and business requirements of the company in question and the physical space available to it. The smaller your office space, the fewer server installations it is possible for you to own. There are other considerations to [...]

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The Pirate Bay will soon stop serving Torrent files

This may come in as a shock to many .torrent file users. Torrents are the easiest way to download almost anything you need, may it be movies, games, software, music, or anything else. And there is no need to tell how popular The Pirate Bay is when it comes to torrents. But now, the rumor has it that The Pirate Bay (TPB) will soon stop offering .torrent files to its users. Does this mean you will have to look somewhere else for all your files? Not necessarily.

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Predictions 2012: If Pay-Per-Use Comes to Broadband, Then What?

In the past, broadband internet has been commonly provided under terms to which the industry refers as ‘unlimited’. That is to say, you pay your ISP, usually per month and you’re then free to do as you will, accessing the net as you please, although a bandwidth cap may be in place in some cases. [...]

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YouTube’s newly discovered old feature “Slam” brings “Hot or Not” to vidoes

If you have all the time in the world and don’t know what to do, here is something which will definitely take your mind off everything else, I mean everything else. You will be glued to your computer watching tonnes of videos on YouTube. Thanks to the Slam features, which has been on YouTube since this fall, but has been discovered only recently. So what exactly is this slam?

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Use Evernote as a Blogging platform

Most of you must have heard of Evernote, and a lot of you must be having an account on Evernote, even though you don’t really use it. Evernote is one of the best note management services there is, and if you start using it, you will love it for sure. But Evernote doesn’t stop at notes, there are a lot more features that you can do with it, if you know how to use it. One such really good feature is blogging. Yes, you not think of Evernote as a blogging platform, but you really can use it like one. Let’s see how that is possible, and how good is it.