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Leaked specs of the new 13″ MacBook Pro include two USB 3 ports, Ivy Bridge processor, and no Retina Display

A lot of Mac OS fans have been waiting for the new version of the MacBook Pro which was rumored to have some super cool features such as the awesome Retina Display which became popular on the iPhone, and a slimmer design by removing the optical disc drive. But the new leaked specs of the 13″ MacBook Pro says something else.

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Is Apple really thinking of AMD-based MacBook Air?

A few years ago, if you wanted the best performance out of your computer, AMD was the chip you ought to have. But then, Intel came out with a new series of chips that out did the AMD chips and then there was no looking behind. AMD has been decorating the 2nd place ever since. And Apple, a company which always wants to be the best and want its products to perform the best. Hence, it puts the best parts into it.

The new MacBook Pro

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The new MacBook Pro

The new line of MacBook Pro brings in a lot of hot features that one would expect. With the inclusion of high speed processors like dual and quad-core Intel processors, high performance AMD graphics and the Thunderbolt I/O technology, Apple has made the MacBook Pro more attractive.

Apple MacBook Pro, get geeky in style

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Apple MacBook Pro, get geeky in style

Apple is known for its build quality and simple yet stylish product designs. The MacBook Pro is not different in this. The notebook is very simple looking with no much graphics or other fancy prints as found on notebooks of other brands. The new series of MacBook Pro notebooks are made of premium aluminum giving [...]