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Technology Makes SIM Card Data Recovery Possible

With the advent of technology, the use of pen or paper to make notes or jot down phone numbers went into oblivion. Most people store a huge amount of important information, especially phone numbers in the mobile phone itself. Other than the phone numbers, one also stores important text messages and dates or memorandums etc [...]

Steps to Find the Best Local Electrician through the Internet

Wiring and other electrical work require quite expert hands and experienced brains. It is not a job that can be done by you. You might need to repair the old electrical lines in your house or have to wire the new building you are making for yourself. In both cases, and many more electricians are [...]

The Ways In Which A Dedicated Seo Service Helps

The stiff competition on the vast online arena is reason enough to hire the services of a dedicated SEO for your website. Everyday hundreds of websites are making their mark on this huge platform and constantly trying to create a niche for themselves. This is where a dedicated SEO is so instrumental. They are professionals [...]

Save Money with Car Maintenance

Save Money with Car Maintenance

You can actually save money in the long run by spending some upfront on car maintenance. This can amount to a substantial savings over time in unexpected breakdowns, lack of use of your car and the higher cost of repairs due to lack of preventative care. All cars require maintenance on a regular basis. The [...]

How Transportation Services Affect Everyday Life

The way in which people and things get from one location to another can vary greatly, and it affects everyone no matter where they live. Even for those living out in the country that have their own vehicles and are typically considered to be the independent type can be impacted by the transportation services available, [...]

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The Tech Check Giveaway 4 - Win your favorite smartphone or tablet accessory

After a long gap, we are back with another giveaway. And this time, its better than the previous ones. You have a chance to win your favorite mobile phone accessories or any other accessory for your tablet or ereader. Are you excited? Well, we sure are to give you away something you like. So what do you have to do to enter the content? That’s pretty simple.

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Ubi, an Android-based, voice-activated, wall-outlet powered computer

Google’s mobile operating system, Android, is finding its place in more than just smartphones and tablets. The OS has already reached a watch prototype, and many other small devices. And now, here is a very small, box-like computer which is running on Android. You can literally carry this computer in your pant’s back pocket. The little computer has no display, but has a camera mounted on it, with a speaker and mic. This means that when you talk to it (yes, it voice-activate), it talks back to you.

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CM10 nightly builds to roll out for select devices

If you have a high end Android device and are a fan of having custom ROMs on your device, then here is an awesome news for you. The CynogenMod team has news for us. The latest and the greatest build of the CM series, the one with Jelly Bean in it, is stable enough to enter the nightly league. Yes, select few devices will be getting nightly builds soon enough.

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EISA recognizes Sony Xperia P as the greenest phone for 2012-2013

Sony is very proud again. Even if it is not making any good sales with it smartphones, it is for sure being recognized for its green initiative. The company has been in the news for two such phones both last year, and this year. The Sony Xperia P has been recognized as Europe’s greenest smartphone of the year 2012-2013 by European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). EISA is an industry body featuring 50 tech-focused magazines from 19 countries.

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Acer Iconia Tab A110 shows up with Jelly Bean

The new Acer Iconia Tab A110 gets Jelly Bean according to an image posted by an online retailer. What does this mean to the competition with the Google Nexus 7?