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Getting the most out from the iPhone 4s

You simply ordered your iPhone 4S and then you need to know everything your brand-new iPhone can perform. Having a storage capacity of up to 64GB, there are lots of activities you’re able to do. For newbie’s, the iPhone 4S has a great personal assistant called Siri. This voice-activated software understands your commands and carries [...]

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HTC J Butterfly impresses with 5″ 1080p display, Japan-only for now

This week HTC and KDDI au announced their first 1080p smartphone, the HTC J Butterfly. The J Butterfly has a massively pixel-dense 1920 x 1080p display that measures just five inches across. This is enough to put it barely into phablet territory, but the massive increase in display makes it one-of-a-kind. The new display can [...]

Why Pocket TV is a Mini Android Computer in an HDMI Dongle

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Why Pocket TV is a Mini Android Computer in an HDMI Dongle

Internet is accessible for more than a billion people today and they use it regularly. Therefore, it is hard to believe that any new gadget or technology will not gather their attention and will not be noticed by them. Since they keep themselves updated with the changes or updates in technology, they are willing to [...]

Exploring The Features of Samsung Galaxy S duos S7562

Samsung Group is one of the most intelligent and known business group in the world. Among the five business units within Samsung Electronics, one is Samsung Telecommunication. Samsung Telecommunication produces all products from Mobile devices to MP3 Players, Laptop computers in short everything. Samsung Telecommunication was the second largest mobile device manufacturer in the world [...]

Technology Makes SIM Card Data Recovery Possible

With the advent of technology, the use of pen or paper to make notes or jot down phone numbers went into oblivion. Most people store a huge amount of important information, especially phone numbers in the mobile phone itself. Other than the phone numbers, one also stores important text messages and dates or memorandums etc [...]

HTC One X+ announced

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HTC One X+ announced

Today, after weeks of rumours, HTC have announced their new phone for the holidays: The HTC One X+. The new phone isn’t actually that new - it’s mostly a refresh of their HTC One X flagship, with a few tweaked specifications and new software features. Let’s have a look. Probably the most interesting update is [...]

Tips to unlock an Apple iPhone 3G without spending a penny

In the US, consumers got the Apple iPhone from AT&T till September, 2010. However, consumers also buy Apple iPhone from eBay and Craigslist. The products sold by a third party are not guaranteed directly by Apple. Do you possess an Apple 3G but can’t unlock it? If yes, then you need to download a program “Blackra1n” [...]


Fun facts about the newest technology gadget – iPhone 5

Every year, the modern technology presents us with some really helpful gadgets and smart ones too. One such latest introduction is the iPhone 5, which we all have been going gaga over. If you are planning to buy the newest iPhone 5, you can try and know the fun facts from here. As per reports, [...]

Samsung’s New Tablet to Challenge Apple’s iPad

Samsung introduced a new tablet in the US to wrestle Apple’s share of the technical market. Samsung released Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet in South Korea, US and Britain weeks before it unwrapped the refurbished version of 5.3 Note smartphone. Apple always accuses Samsung for copying the features and design of iPhone and iPad. But this [...]

Developing a mobile software

Overview Mobile phone communication is so far the best technological advancement that has occurred to the world apart from internet services. The world has seen changes, such as upgrade of networks from the first generation to the fourth generation, creation of different mobile operating systems such as the symbian, iphone operating system, and lately, the [...]