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RIM offers 4 months of free BlackBerry Music subscription

BlackBerry Music, which is RIM’s music subscription service for all its BlackBerry customers, is seeing a lot of loss as RIM it self if seeing. So, to make people a bit more attracted to the service and the BlackBerry device ecosystem as a whole, RIM is making the music subscription free for 4 months, or 120 days. But is it worth it?

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BlackBerry 10 smartphones delayed till late 2012

Research in Motion (RIM), maker of BlackBerry smartphone, was enthusiastic about a new line of smartphones that will run the recently announced BlackBerry 10 OS. But unfortunately, it has now stated that these smartphones will be delayed till the later part of 2012. These smartphones are supposed to run on the BlackBerry 10 OS, which is based on the new QNX platform, the one found on the PlayBooks.

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RIM launches white BlackBerry Bold 9900

The much awaited white BlackBerry Bold 9900 was finally released earlier today by Research in Motion (RIM) in the UAE. The phone comes with the new BlackBerry OS 7 and has packed in a lot of new features. To begin with, its 10.5 mm thick, or thin if you will. A thin profile by some standards. Also, it has both a touch screen and a full QWERTY keypad, which is the actual BlackBerry style.

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RIM and Telefonica start NFC testing before launch in 2012

RIM’s NFC testing campaign has taken a new turn now with Madrid-based Telefonica being interested to partner with the BlackBerry manufacturer. Actually, the two companies have already announced the partnership on this and they are starting the testing of their products pretty soon. To begin with, the two companies will focus on mobile payment and ID systems. The testing will go on in the Spain capital. Commercial services are expected to come out by next year.

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BlackBerry Bold 9790 Will Launch on November 25th

The latest and greatest BlackBerry Bold, the 9790, will launch on November 25th. It isn’t coming first to the US or the UK though – instead it’s Indonesia that gets the nod.

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Can BlackBerry London be an iPhone 5 competitor?

You might be knowing about the next gen BlackBerry BBX-based smartphone, the BlackBerry London, which is supposed to be coming out of the RIM labs sometime in the next year. The smartphone, I have to admit, looks really great, and the specs too and not bad. The phone which is poised to pose against the sixth gen iPhone next year is also BlackBerry’s another bet at winning its market share back.

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BlackBerry P’9981: Porsche Designed Limited Edition BlackBerry Smartphone

I am not sure if RIM could still attract customers after receiving massive criticism due to BlackBerry blackout recently. But, for loyal BlackBerrians, this may sound pleasing. Porsche has exclusively designed a gorgeous, limited edition phone for BlackBerry, named BlackBerry P’9981.

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The $2,000 BlackBerry Porsche P’9981

You might have been reading news about BlackBerry Bold R47 or the BlackBerry Knight from September. There were images leaked of this phone and it looked nothing like any other existing BlackBerry. Nothing was clear. Then, a rumor came up saying that Porsche has something to do with the new BlackBerry which looks like an alien. After this, when BlackBerry and Porsche jointly started sending out event invitations, it was sure that the two companies are together on this.

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BlackBerry and Android smartphone trade-ins break record after iPhone 4S launch

After Apple launched the new iPhone 4S, other smartphon players have started losing their grip on the market. BlackBerry, which had been losing its market share ever since Apple released the first iPhone, saw a major number of trade-ins of its smartphones after the iPhone 4S was launched. Also, if you know this, there was a major outage of RIM’s email and messaging services, which might have directly affected the trade-ins.

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AT&T To Carry BlackBerry 9900, Comes in White

It’s been a hard year for BlackBerry makers, RIM. From the disappointing failure of the rather clever QNX-based BlackBerry PlayBook tablet to the four-day-long BlackBerry Messenger service outage, things haven’t fallen into place for the Canadian handset manufacturer. It’s part of a long trend of BlackBerry falling behind the curve and losing their status as the premier mobile provider since Apple launched the iPhone.