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Getting the most out from the iPhone 4s

You simply ordered your iPhone 4S and then you need to know everything your brand-new iPhone can perform. Having a storage capacity of up to 64GB, there are lots of activities you’re able to do. For newbie’s, the iPhone 4S has a great personal assistant called Siri. This voice-activated software understands your commands and carries [...]

Tips to unlock an Apple iPhone 3G without spending a penny

In the US, consumers got the Apple iPhone from AT&T till September, 2010. However, consumers also buy Apple iPhone from eBay and Craigslist. The products sold by a third party are not guaranteed directly by Apple. Do you possess an Apple 3G but can’t unlock it? If yes, then you need to download a program “Blackra1n” [...]


Fun facts about the newest technology gadget – iPhone 5

Every year, the modern technology presents us with some really helpful gadgets and smart ones too. One such latest introduction is the iPhone 5, which we all have been going gaga over. If you are planning to buy the newest iPhone 5, you can try and know the fun facts from here. As per reports, [...]

The Innovative iPhone

The Innovative iPhone

In today’s world society revolves around technology. No matter what area of the world you live in, most people if not all would know about the iPhone when they hear about it. Besides being remarkably innovative in the field of cellular smart phones, these have made themselves a staple of modern technology and will continue [...]

iPhone- Key Features and Common Problems

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iPhone- Key Features and Common Problems

iPhones are certainly one of the most attractive mobile phones in the market now, both in terms of looks and features. They are different from other phones in terms of features, style, quality and usability. iPhone is quite user-friendly in nature. This article focuses on some of the important features of an iPhone and some [...]

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Could the iPhone 5 launch with LTE in the UK?

Yesterday UK network Everything Everywhere, the rebranded merger of T-Mobile and Orange, officially demonstrated the UK’s first high speed 4G LTE network. Attendees were able to get very high speeds on their mobiles; nearly 40 Mb/s down and 24 Mb/s up. That’s a lot faster than the majority of home broadband connections, although no doubt [...]


How Jailbreaking will Break Your iPhone

The moment most Apple enthusiasts are waiting for has finally arrived with the new unlock/Jailbreak for those pesky iPads (2 and 3) along with the iPhone 4S. A simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know about getting into the head of your little Apple device. Some of you might get a [...]

Is apple on its way to create a “Killer” 3D Camera for iOS gadgets?

Apple is a kind of tech maker that deploys enough research before rolling out a product. Also, it takes much time to embrace latest technologies like 3D. Though a leader in both smartphone and tablet market with its iPhone and iPad, the company is yet to launch a 3D-enabled gadget. Many of its rivals like [...]

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iPhone 4S to be released in Singapore without cameras

This surely comes as a shock to most readers, and I’m sure Singapore-based iPhone lovers are going to just hate this. But this is the rumor on the blogosphere today. The iPhone 4S will be made available in Singapore in the very near future, but with a very big compromise. According to reports, the latest and the greatest yet iPhone, the iPhone 4S, will be stripped down of both the rear and the front-facing cameras and then released in Singapore.

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Apple planning to release a completely redesigned iPhone next year

Here are some more rumors on the next gen iPhone. The rumor has it that the phone will be released late next year, as the iPhone 4S was done this year. So this is going to be the trend from 2011, iPhones will be announced in fall of a year rather in the middle of the year, as it was being done till last year. However, this is not the point here. The point is that the rumor says Apple is going to completely redesign the iPhone. But in what way?