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Lenovo to start making Windows Phone smartphones

Lenovo has slowly started to make a name of itself in the now-enormously-growing smartphone ecosystem. The company has just outed massive 5-inch Android tabletphone, the IdeaTab. And has now started thinking of trying the same luck with Windows Phone as well. Lenovo’s product manager, Chen Yue, made this announcement at an event that was focused on revealing new smartphones for the Chinese market.

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Lenovo launches IdeaTab S2005 (a.k.a LePad S2005)

Lenovo has finally launched the IdeaTab S2005, also know as LePad S2005 in China. The phone has been released in Beijing today, and the specs are just awesome.

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Why is Lenovo’s new 5-inch device a tablet?

Lenovo has been busy with its rumored Tegra 3-powered tablet that is expected to come out some time in the next month. This is a big 10.1-inch tablet. But what if you are not a 10.1-inch tablet guy and want something more portable, something which fits into your pocket? If you are thinking I’m talking about 3.5-inch smartphones, you are wrong. I’m talking about something which looks like a tablet, works like a tablet, but is the size of a giant smartphone. Yes, I’m talking about the rumored 5-inch device that Lenovo is making, the IdeaPad. So, lets see what’s it got.