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Developing a mobile software

Overview Mobile phone communication is so far the best technological advancement that has occurred to the world apart from internet services. The world has seen changes, such as upgrade of networks from the first generation to the fourth generation, creation of different mobile operating systems such as the symbian, iphone operating system, and lately, the [...]

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Pinterest app finally released on Android

Pinterest is one of the newest social networks that’s gotten a lot of people very excited. At its core it’s quite simple - a community of people sharing images that have been ‘pinned’ from across the internet. You’re encouraged to pin images that you’re interested in (hence the name) and following these instructions you build [...]

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Google Voice Search on Android in now rich by 13 more languages

Even though Google Voice Search is now available on iOS devices, the experience and the app itself feels so native on the Android platform. And to make the experience even more better, the search giant has added an additional 13 languages to the service. Now, there are a total of 42 languages in which you can use the Google Voice Search on your Android device, and accents in these languages are understood in 46 countries. That is definitely huge.

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Top five mobile payment apps

In this modern world of gadgets, mobiles become the necessity for many people. A mobile is a fantastic device which can be used for communicating, surfing the internet and a vast array of other things. Fortunately, you can also deal with your clumsy money payments and other financial management just by using your Smartphone with the help of mobile payment apps. With help of mobile payment apps you don’t have to suffer the consequences of late payment charges. Some Smartphones have in-built these apps for mobile payment; to see the phones available check out various mobile phone offers available on the market. Below are some of the best apps that can help you to do mobile payments from anywhere and at any time.

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Press Reader for Android, an awesome news app

A review of the Press Reader news app for Android. One of the best in the category.

Android Users: Beware of Android Phone Malware

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Android Users: Beware of Android Phone Malware

According to Trend Micro, a security firm which specializes in mobile security, the amount of malware and other harmful software that there currently is for Android device’s, is increasing at a very fast pace. This statement is based on a number of facts which were published by the anti virus developer earlier. For instance it [...]

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Report says Microsoft not sure about when to release Office for iPad

We have been seeing rumors about Microsoft’s Office suite for Apple’s iPad for some time now, actually from last year. But we have not yet seen any of these rumors materialize. This might be because this was just a rumor. Apple does have a good Office suite for the iPad, and users of the tablet are happy enough with the software. There are also a lot of third party app developers who have developed Office suites for the world’s most popular and best selling tablet. But if Microsoft brings in its Office suite to the playground, all other players will have to back off because Microsoft is the bigger player in the world of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

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Popular Carbon Twitter client for Windows Phone coming to Android soon

Carbon, a popular Twitter client that started out on webOS then made its way to Windows Phone, is now making its way to a new platform: Android. The developers are about to launch the app into private Alpha, and have released a sneak peak of the app running on Android. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcloiEZa1iI] From the video, [...]

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Spire, the legal alternative to Siri on jailbroken non-iPhone 4S devices

Siri, the voice-enabled digital virtual assistant that Apple brought on the iPhone 4S, has been a huge hit in the Apple community. Ever since it came out to the developers and the public, there have been countless stories on its awesomeness. Developers have been working hard ever since either to port the app to non-iPhone 4S devices or to make plugins for the jailbroken Siri Proxy server so that people who are not on an iPhone 4S can as well enjoy the app. But it was illegal till now.