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Developing a mobile software

Overview Mobile phone communication is so far the best technological advancement that has occurred to the world apart from internet services. The world has seen changes, such as upgrade of networks from the first generation to the fourth generation, creation of different mobile operating systems such as the symbian, iphone operating system, and lately, the [...]

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Nokia 900 Series Smartphones Hit Europe Q2?

There have been some recent rumblings that Nokia’s lastest smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 900, may be making its way to European shores in the second quarter of this year. The first indication came via Carphone Warehouse, a UK high-street retailer that specialises in mobiles. They added the Lumia 900 to their ‘Coming Soon’ page of [...]

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Nokia 801T unveiled in China with TV antenna

When you see if for the first time, I’m sure that the only thing you are going to think is that the phone is an awesome Chinese clone. Its not until you see the official Chinese Nokia blog that you believe that Nokia will be releasing such a phone. The looks are not at all like Nokia, but like a lot of Chinese clones. But anyway, this thing is official. The Nokia 801T is here, and its bringing something unusual for a Nokia device.

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Nokia’s giant promotional banner in Italy

Nokia is trying hard to get up back to its feet after what happened to its Symbian platform. But now, after it released its Windows Phone smartphone, its kind of back in action. The Lumia series of phones are really doing more than what was expected of them, which is really great. Nokia getting the spirit down, Nokia has started advertising and promoting its phone as much as possible. The Finnish company has now moved on to Italy.

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Symbian Belle rolling out to select Nokia smartphones next year

Nokia has finally decided to roll out the new Symbian Belle OS to some of its new smartphones. The lucky ones getting the update are Nokia N8, E7, X7, C6-01, C7, Oro, E6, and Nokia 500. It is also said that the Nokia 701, 700, and 603 will come pre-installed with the new Symbian Belle OS. For the other smartphone which have already entered the market will receive an over the air (OTA) update early next year.

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The newest Meego Based Smartphone

The idea of Meego was originally introduced in the world mobile conference in February and there were several claims by Nokia that this phone would provide endless possibilities in a mobile phone.

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The Nokia N9 with 7 operating systems

It usually happens that you wake up one day and wonder if you want to be an iOS fan boy or an Android fan boy. Or how about a WP7 fan boy? Hey, there’s also BlackBerry. Well, I’m exaggerating a bit, for sure. This doesn’t happen to anybody, or does it? If this happens to you very often, you will have to be having a lot of phones with you. But not anymore. There is a Nokia N9 which runs not just one, not two, but a complete 7 operating systems.

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Lumia 800 is Nokia’s best selling smartphone in the UK in recent history

Nokia needed a very hard push of its luck to gain some market share in the international market. It appears that it has got a bit of that push with its new Lumia 800, especially in the UK. A few days back, there were false rumors that Nokia is going under loss again and has been losing its market share. This lead to a fall in its share price as well, which is very important for a company to make money and retain its share holders, also to get new share holders. But it looks like the story is the opposite of this.

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Nokia Lumia 800 awarded “Phone of the Year”

Nokia must be very happy. After all the trouble that they have taken to design the Lumia 800, they have finally got a sweet fruit to bite. Nokia wanted to gain the market share that it had lost, and Microsoft wanted to gain the market share that it never had. So the two tech companies joined to bring in the great series of Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphones. And today, the Lumia 800 has been declared as the “Phone of the Year” out of consumer votes.

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Nokia has plans to release dual-core Symbian phones

Nokia has already signed a deal with Microsoft to use their mobile operating system, the Window Phone 7 series, on their smartphones so that both the companies benefit. But it looks like Nokia is not ready to let go of its own Symbian platform, which is already almost dead. According to a new leaked camera shot of Nokia’s road map for the next year, Nokia is releasing two new Symbian versions in the coming year, Symbian Carla and Symbian Donna.