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EISA recognizes Sony Xperia P as the greenest phone for 2012-2013

Sony is very proud again. Even if it is not making any good sales with it smartphones, it is for sure being recognized for its green initiative. The company has been in the news for two such phones both last year, and this year. The Sony Xperia P has been recognized as Europe’s greenest smartphone of the year 2012-2013 by European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). EISA is an industry body featuring 50 tech-focused magazines from 19 countries.

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Two New Sony Android Handsets Leak

Don’t you just love leaks? Today we’ve got the latest information on Sony’s upcoming product lineup, with the addition of two new handsets to its 2012 offerings. Sony Xperia Nypon The Xperia Nypon is a fairly large phone with a 4” qHD Reality Display (running at 960 x 540). It also comes with a 8 [...]

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Is Sony Ericsson releasing the next Xperia X8 successor?

Sony Ericsson released the Xperia X8 in 2010 with great hopes. It did make some decent sales, and I can it was one of the considerable phones in its class. With hopes of making the sales high, Sony Ericsson gave the phone a walkman label and released it as the Sony Ericsson W8 in 2011. But we know what happened to that.

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Sony Ericsson Nozomi images leaded

After a few days of receiving info about the specs of the Sony Ericsson Nozomi, we can finally have a look at what the device looks like. There have been a lot of leaks in the last few hours, and the images below are the best ones I could collect. If you are sure of what you are looking at, Nozomi is the next phone from Sony Ericsson which is poised to be coming in the next year. As you can see from the images, it comes with Android 2.3.5, Gingerbread. And as the earlier rumors said, there are no hardware buttons visible on the phone. This is because the phone is supposed to get an Ice Cream Sandwich update in the near future. But how are we supposed to use the phone when it has Gingerbread without any physical buttons? This still remains a mystery to me.

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Specs of future Sony Ericsson Android smartphones leaked

With the Xperia series of Android smartphones, Sony Ericsson did make an impression to world of smartphones, though not a very big impact. People have started looking up at the manufacturer for more, and SE also seems to be happy to provide more. Today, we have some new news, in which there are three Sony Ericsson phones lined up for the next few months. The phones are called Nozomi, Nypon, and Kumquat. Nozomi is supposed to be a flagship device, hence branching out from the Xperia arm. The specs do seems very interesting.

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Recent Xperia owners get free 90-day subscription to Sony Entertainment Network

This has to be one of the best promotions that Sony Ericsson (soon to be Sony) has ever come up with. For ever Xperia owner who has brought the phone between the 1st of November, 2011, and the 31st of January, 2012, and who are over 18, and those who reside in Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or the United Kingdom are eligible for this promotion. Isn’t that cool? So, what all do you get?

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Sony Ericsson to roll out Android 2.3.4 update to its entire range

Sony Ericsson will soon be becoming just Sony as Sony has recently bought the 50% stake that Ericsson held in Sony Ericsson. Maybe to celebrate this, Sony Ericsson has announced something really cool. Back in September, Sony Ericsson did announce that it will be rolling out the new Android 2.3.4 update to all its devices, but it was only for Nordic countries. But now, Sony Ericsson has made up its mind to release the update to the rest of the world. So everyone will get the Android 2.3.4 update, and also, some cool new features are coming along.

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Sony buys Ericsson’s part in Sony Ericsson for $1.47b

Back in 2001, Sony and Ericsson came together to start a new company, Sony Ericsson, which offers feature phones and smartphones. Both Sony and Ericsson had 50% share in the company so that they would share equal profits and authority over the company. Before iPhone and Android happened, Sony Ericsson was one of the leading smartphone manufacturer. But ever since Apple released the iPhone, Sony Ericsson became one of the most affected companies. Sony Ericsson then tuned to Android to make its presence felt, and it worked, somewhat. Now, Sony has announced that it will be buying Ericsson’s 50% share in Sony Ericsson so that the company entirely becomes a part of Sony.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play getting HD video recording with Android 2.3.4 update

Here is a good news for all you Sony Ericsson Xperia Play fans out there. The news just spread that the Xperia Play is getting the Android 2.3.4 update shortly, and it has some good stuffs coming along with it. The first one is the HD video recording on the phone. The Xperia Play has a 5 mega pixel camera, but for some reason, the company dint think anybody would notice the fact that it doesn’t record HD videos as they would be indulged more in the gaming part of the phone.