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HTC announce Windows Phone 8X, Windows Phone 8S

While HTC have traditionally been the biggest supporters of Microsoft’s attempts on mobile, this year it’s all been about Nokia’s Lumia handsets, which have so far proved quite popular with Windows Phone fans. In a press event earlier this week, HTC took the stage to prove that they still had what it takes to turn [...]

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Nokia 900 Series Smartphones Hit Europe Q2?

There have been some recent rumblings that Nokia’s lastest smartphone, the Nokia Lumia 900, may be making its way to European shores in the second quarter of this year. The first indication came via Carphone Warehouse, a UK high-street retailer that specialises in mobiles. They added the Lumia 900 to their ‘Coming Soon’ page of [...]

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Windows Phone also receives the SMS vulnerability

Microsoft has announced a #droidrage campaign on Twitter to offer Android malware victims a free Windows Phone. But I think those already attacked would not want to get a phone which still is not the most secure phone, right? Yes, before offering five free phones to Android victims, Microsoft had to think if it is the safest platform. Not long after this, an SMS vulnerability was detected on Windows Phone as well.

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Microsoft offering free Windows Phone to Android malware victims

In a very “nasty” attempt, Microsoft has went to the extent of making a contest out of the Android malware victims and offering a free Windows Phone to the winner. This is a very bad move and marketing according to me. A company such as Microsoft should know better. Ben Rudolph, Microsoft’s Windows Phone “evangelist”, started the #droidrage campaign on Twitter in which you have to tell the unfortunate story of your malware attack. Then, five winners will get a Windows Phone.

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Lenovo to start making Windows Phone smartphones

Lenovo has slowly started to make a name of itself in the now-enormously-growing smartphone ecosystem. The company has just outed massive 5-inch Android tabletphone, the IdeaTab. And has now started thinking of trying the same luck with Windows Phone as well. Lenovo’s product manager, Chen Yue, made this announcement at an event that was focused on revealing new smartphones for the Chinese market.

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Microsoft is offering a free Windows Phone on Black Friday

If you are looking forward to buying a new smartphone in the near future, you better prepone your plan to tomorrow. Because Microsoft is gone all generous suddenly and is offering free smartphones on Black Friday. But, conditions apply. You need to sign a two year contract with your carrier and buy a contract if you want to get a free Windows Phone. But can you ask for any Windows Phone you want?

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Nokia 800 TV ad and camera samples leaked

If you have been waiting for the new Nokia Windows Phone 7 smartphones, you would been knowing about the Nokia event (Nokia World) being conducted in London on Wednesday. A lot of smartphones running Windows Phone 7 are lined up for the event. CEO Stephen Elop will be presenting the keynote. Among the many smartphones that Nokia is unveiling, Nokia 800 is one. And it appears that the company has started giving TV ads in the UK silently.

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Almost half of Symbian users would buy a Nokia Windows Phone smartphone

Symbian, as you all know, is almost dead. Nokia was once the leader in the whole world when it came to the market share in phones. This combined both feature phones and smartphones. But from a few years, Nokia has been losing its market share to Apple’s majestic iPhone and Google’s feature-rich and open-source platform, Android. So, Nokia thought for a while and joined hands with Microsoft to bring out a line of new smartphones running Windows Phone 7 operating system on the reliable hardware of Nokia.

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Nokia Lumia 800 and Samsung Monument Windows Phone smartphones leaked

Today we have the names of two new Windows Phone 7 based smartphones, the Nokia Lumia 800 and the Samsung Monument. Apart from the names of the devices, nothing else is known about them. The names were leaded by OccasionalGamer on its Game Stats page. The Game Stats page tracks which device has downloaded a game and played it. So the developers using these unannounced phones have downloaded a game and hence, the phones get listed on the page.

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Nokia is paying developers to write apps for Windows Phone 7

Nokia has tied up with Microsoft to market and profit mutually. This means Microsoft will provide its OS platform for Nokia phones, which Nokia will implement on its phone and sell them. This agreement is profitable by both, if it works. This is because Nokia is losing its market share rapidly mostly to Apple’s iPhone and a lot of Android phones which constantly flood the smartphone market.