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Why You Need to Understand its Technology First and Then Use LED TV


Why You Need to Understand its Technology First and Then Use LED TV

Have you been impressed by the latest models of LED TVs present in the market nowadays and are interested in buying a brand new one for your home? It would be better to try andunderstand the Led TV technology first if you are planning to enjoy services such as DirecTV offers and packages on your brand new TV set. You won’t like it if you spend comparatively large sum of your money on something that [...]

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Intel based smartphones and ultrabooks will be able to be charged wirelessly in 2013

Wirelessly charging devices’ battery has been in talks for sometime now, and many companies are working on making this technology very feasible. But we haven’t seen anything promising yet. Now, Intel says that devices based on its chips will be able to be charged wirelessly by 2013. Smartphones and ultrabooks will be the devices to enjoy this technology. The technology will use low power and will transmit this in the air so that smartphones can somehow absorb this from the air and charge their batteries. And Wireless Power Consortium has already approved this as a Qi standard.

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The Digital World Is Embracing Cell Phone Technology

After the introduction of the first generation of analog cell phones, the underlying technology has advanced significantly through subsequent generations. With the second generation of mobile technology, known as 2G, mobile users were introduced to digital networks, text messaging and pre-paid phone plans. It was only a few years after this that 3G mobile technology was introduced. This gave users access to broadband internet connections and prompted them to scour through cell phone reviews in order to find the hardware to fully exploit the new functionality.

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Intel’s Thunderbolt to be made available in April 2012

Intel has finally announced that it will be make the Thunderbolt range of technology available in April next year. This technology has been in the news for a variety of reasons. A good number of OEMs have already started using the Thunderbolt technology in their products, and when Intel announces the technology in April, it is expected that the announcement and the release will be accompanied by motherboards, notebooks, and netbooks all based on the Thunderbolt technology.

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SIM-based NFC might soon become a GSM standard

We have been reading news about NFC becoming so popular that even Intel plans to put NFC on its ultrabooks. Lately, the GSM Association has been planning to take this a step forward and embed the NFC chip into the SIM card so that all mobile phones around the wold will have NFC support by default. This is good news, right? And 45 of world’s wireless carriers have signed in favor of this.

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Share your phone’s screen with the person you are talking to using a pico projector

I dont remember the time when phones were used only for talking. Each day, we are seeing new and awesome features being added to smartphones, making them even smarter. Today, we have some news from Germany, where a few people have managed to bring data sharing between two phones to the next level.

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Control iPhone’s Siri with your mind using Project Black Mirror

Siri is cool, there is no doubt about it. But I guess its not great enough to a bunch of creative minds who have made up their minds to make it even more cooler. If you think about it, however great an app or a product or a device might be, people are always finding ways to make it even better, right? So, I introduce you to Project Black Mirror.

Motion Control Technologies for Robotics Design

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Motion Control Technologies for Robotics Design

You will most probably not be able to make your mechanical or electromechanical project or even a simple robot without motion sensors. Motion sensors play a major role in all robotic applications. Where there is motion sensor, there also has to be a mechanism to control the sensors, so, motion control technologies also play a [...]

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Beware, your PC is a magnet!!

Brian Lambson and his team of scientists at the University of California are in the process of building such computers. In an effort to cut down the huge consumption of power by silicon based chips in PCs, scientists are now designing PCs which run on magnet based processors which consume far lesser power.

MIPS based tablets and smartphones


MIPS based tablets and smartphones

MIPS is said to offer “high performance, low power consumption and cost efficiency supported by a rapidly expanding mobile ecosystem” for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. So we can expect to see a lot of devices based on this technology in the near future.