iPad 2 to have new speakers and a flat back

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More rumors about the second generation of iPad flood the internet again. Earlier this month, there were rumors about iPad 2 having two cameras. Now, we have a few new rumors, coming straight from Japan, from the blog MacOtakara. The blog says that the rumors may not be true, but they surely are interesting.

The blog says that the frame or the case of the iPad will shave off 3mm to make it smaller. But the display will be of the same size. The overall dimension of the iPad will be reduced from 242.8mm to 239mm (height) and 189.7mm to 186mm (width). This will surely make a change, will feel kind of small. And another big thing is the rear part of the tablet. We have a bulge at the rear now. The new model is rumored to be flat at the rear. This will be really good.

Now, if the tablet is placed on a table and you try to use it, it wobbles each time you tab on the display. This is completely irritating. Probably, if this particular rumor is true, it will be very good if you are at your study/work table and work on the tablet with one hand and drink coffee with the other. No more wobbling.

The next, and which also would be a very welcome change is of new speakers on the iPad. There is an image showing this off, which is a rendering by Taiyo Fujii for MacOtakara. I’ve added the picture below. This looks good now as the casing is also changed. Also, the speakers are said to me more loud and bigger than the previous model’s. We have to see the performance now.

iPad New Speakers

We also saw in the previous rumor that the next version of the iPad will also have two cameras, one at the back and one at the front. The back camera may be the same camera which is on iPhone 4. The front facing camera, which can be used for video calling and taking self portraits, would probably with a VGA or a 1.3MP camera.

As these still remain rumors, there is another rumor that the second generation iPad is already in the production line and the shipping will start from next month. So Apple can surprise us in any way. Lets hope if not all, most of the rumors get true.

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