Make Windows 8 Developer Preview Start Menu look like Windows 7

Windows 8 Start menu change

If you have been using the new Windows 8 Developer Preview edition, you will know what it lacks the most, the very Windows DNA that has been with the OS since its birth, the Start menu. The Start menu has been changed in the new Windows 8 to make it more finger friendly, making it more perfect for tablets. That actually is the whole idea of Windows 8, having just one OS for your computer, your laptop, your tablet, and your smartphone.

I dont know to what extent Microsoft will succeed in this, but for now, I kind of like the Metro UI, except the Start menu of course. Anyway, TechRepublic has a very good video in which Bill Detwiler, Head Technology Editor at TechRepublic, explains how nicely you can change just one registry key in the RegEdit app on Windows 8 and get the old Windows 7 Start menu back. But he says that this tweak is in Windows 8 only, and it might not at all be present in the final release of the OS. But for now, we have the solution.

Watch the video below and enjoy the Start menu.

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One Response to Make Windows 8 Developer Preview Start Menu look like Windows 7

  1. Microsoft removed the Start Menu and the Start Button completely. If I wanted to do all my office work on a tablet, I would have gone and bought myself a new iPad (which I still might do, if I’m forced to choose between a Windows tablet and an iPad). Why can’t we just leave the tablet market to Apple and the PC market to Microsoft? Don’t get me wrong, I like Windows 8 in general, but what happened to freedom of speech and choices. In Windows XP we had the choice to switch back to the Classic Start Menu and in Windows 7 we have XP Mode.

    It looks like in Windows 8, the only choices we have are to tablet or not to tablet. Rizonesoft started a petition to ask Microsoft to at least give us a choice between the interfaces and bring the Start Menu back. Go here: for more information about the petition. Please help Rizonesoft accomplish this almost impossible task by signing and sharing this petition.

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