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Virtual City, which is one of the greatest virtual city building, simulation game on the iOS and Android platforms, has finally made its way to the Kindle Fire tablet as well. G5 Games yesterday announced that the game has been launched in the Amazon AppStore and is available in two versions, free and paid. “Kindle Fire owners can build a dream city, produce goods, set up mass transit system and launch public events on their devices.”

If you have been a Virtual City player on other devices, you would want to have a copy of this on your Kindle Fire as well. If so, you can download the free version from here and the paid version from here. More info on the game can be found in the press release below.


Who: G5 Entertainment

The leading publisher of hi-quality, addictive adventure and strategy games for iOS, Android, Mac, Kindle Fire and PC.

What: The runaway hit Virtual City is available now, December 1, 2011, for Kindle Fire.

Virtual City is a fantastic-looking, smartly-designed, engaging city-builder simulator. Developed and published by G5 Entertainment, Virtual City has been a top game since its initial launch and today G5 brings this successful experience to all new e-reader users.

Virtual City allows players to construct their own city, developing it into anything from a suburban utopia to a bustling metropolis. Build the city of your dreams! Build dwellings and industrial buildings. Produce goods and deliver them to the shopping malls. Set up a mass-transit system to take your citizens to places like parks, cinemas and stadiums. Make your city a better place to live by recycling garbage, adding hospitals and fire stations, planting trees, and upgrading buildings to make them more eco-friendly. Make citizens happier by launching spectacular public events.

Trade with neighboring cities and accomplish the construction of landmark buildings like the Marina, the Train Depot, and the Spaceship Launch Pad. Help troubled cities get back to prosperity, deal with economic downturns, population crisis, and consequences of natural disasters. Achieve balance between key parameters of your success: Time, Income, Environment, Population, and Happiness. Play over 50 challenging levels.

Key Features:

  • 50 Challenging Levels in 5 Settings: Colorado, California, Michigan, Montana, New York
  • 18 Distinct Mission Scenarios
  • More Than 50 Types of Buildings
  • 25 Types of Goods to Transport and Trade
  • 7 Production Chains to Master
  • 16 Special Achievements to Earn
  • Tens of Upgrades and Buildings to Unlock

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