Which of the Cartoon Network Games Can Be Downloaded on iPhone?

cartoon network games

cartoon network games

Cartoon Network has hundreds of games, mostly inspired by its own shows, on its website. Not all of them can be downloaded to a mobile, but most of them can be played on one – if the phone in question has a fast enough network connection and can take enough data without running out of contract time.


The Cartoon Network games that can be downloaded on iPhone are all found in the Mobile section of the site, which currently holds a small selection of games based on popular programmes like Ben 10, Gumball and the PowerPuff Girls. Note that these are downloaded and played, but often still require a network connection. While the majority of Cartoon Network games are simply accessed as Flash files embedded in the site, and can be played without download, while you are still officially on the Net.


As noted it is important to know your mobile contract (with respect to how you are able to take data from the web, and how much it costs you to do it) before you start playing any online game on a mobile. While more and more contracts are offering all you can eat data, the issue of passing a cap without knowing about it and ending up with a horrifying bill at the end of the month is a real one.


Be aware, too, that some online games may unwittingly (for you that is, not the game) be encouraging you to spend money by buying little add-ons, or even unlocking areas and buying icons. This is all very well in small doses, but when you find you have accidentally done it over and over again and spent much more than you intended to it can be a real problem, particularly for the person who has to pick up the bill in the end.


Most Cartoon Network games, as noted, can be played on the site rather than as downloadable Apps from an App store. The selection of game types and shows the games are based on is bigger on the onsite games than it is in the App games, which currently focus on three or four extremely popular shows. In general, too, you’ll find more games are free when you play on site while there is a larger chance you will have to pay to unlock full Apps when you choose to download to your iPhone.


Cartoon Network games span a massive variety of genres – from action and adventure to straight platform; from racing to games for girls. There is at least one game on the site for every taste and every show – and often quite a few.


The avid cartoon watcher can get a lot out of his or her favourite shows when he or she plays the games based on them. You’ll explore worlds created to inspire and go on adventures with the characters you love – all of which is a pretty good way to spend a rainy summer holiday afternoon, particularly when you can share your experiences on your social network as well.

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