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Vinci Tablet

Technology helps the human race in ways you cant think of. Everything you can think of is simplified with technology. When I was a kid, the only toys I got were cars and bikes made from plastic. But now, your babies, even infants, can get toys you cant even imagine of.

At CES 2011, a Hong Kong based company called Rullingnet, showcased a tablet which is built for infants and babies of up to 3 years of age. The tablet is called ‘Vinci tab’. The tablet runs Android and has a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor under the hood. There is also a 3MP camera at the back of the tablet. 512MB of RAM, a microSD card slot and USB connectivity are also provided.

The tablet is kept away from Wi-Fi to avoid the little ones away from radiation. This is a good configuration for a 7” Android tablet. I still dont feel that I’m talking about a toy here. The tablet has a 6400 mAh battery which powers it for about 8 hours. There is only support for English language at present, but the company says that other language packs will be released soon.

The tablet has many safety features as well. For example, the glass on the display is made from the same material that is used to make the windscreen of your car. This passes the safety standards. Like this, there are many other standards which are taken care of by the company.

The tablet comes with a bunch of apps and games pre-installed which will help the babies learn about the world around them more easily, intuitively and quickly. So what do you think, is this a good idea? Or do you think that this is too much of a toy for the babies aged less than 3 years?

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