HP TouchPad gets Jelly Bean treatment


A lot of us are still waiting to get a properly working Ice Cream Sandwich port on our Android devices. And I am sure many Android devices, qualified enough to get an ICS ROM officially are not getting any. Thanks to the development community, we have so much to play and experiment with.

In the tablet world, the Nexus 7 has kind of become the standard for Jelly Bean performance. Many Android tablets are still struggling to optimize their performance on ICS, and surprisingly enough, we see a Jelly Bean build for the HP Touch Pad. Thanks to CynogenMod, this has become practical.

HP lost a lot of money on the tablet, its webOS was not a hit and ultimately, it had to drop the price of the tablet to just $99 to get rid of the stocks. And this is when the Android community saw an apportunity. And now if you have one of these, you just turned lucky.

Yes, if you have a Touch Pad, you can actually install Android Jelly Bean on your tablet. But don’t expect it to work like the Nexus 7. Features such as video and graphics processing, sound, front facing camera, and a few others are still raw and not ready to work. So the current build will just let you get your device up and ready for some internet browsing and email sending.

If you are game for that, you can get instructions on how to download and installed this CynogenMod ROM on your Touch Pad over here and here. All the best, and you are responsible for the results.

There are a few reports from users that their tablets have charging issues after installing the new OS. But you ‘might’ not be a victim of this as it is not yet proven to be universal. Enjoy.

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