Videoscape, the future of TV

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Cisco Videoscape

CES 2011 is all about consumer electronics. There were laptops, smartphones, tablet PCs, portable music player and a lot more. But every year, somehow, TVs take the number one spot on the chart. They will always be huge in number, and how, with HDTV and other major advancements in technology, TV has become one of the areas of interest.

Cisco is not far behind in this race. The company has come up with Videoscape, which is a TV user interface built to bring a lot of content to the TV screens of its users. The main catch here is that the product captures content from social networks and communication networks, and combines it with digital TV. This simplifies the user experience and gets everything what a user wants.

The product makes use of the cloud, the network to get everything running and the client devices to support all the features that it has. The three major parts of the product include media gateway, IP set-top box and software clients. The media gateway is responsible for all the high-speed data, Wi-Fi and network traffic routing and other functions. The IP set-top box takes care of the formats of videos which needs to be pushed to the user hardware.

The Videoscape platform uses the cloud as the major source of all the content for its product. So it becomes easy for the content provides to design and device content for the product, which will then be sourced to the products via the cloud. Pankaj Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Service Provider Group, Cisco said:

Consumers are looking for a personalized TV experience that can be taken with them irrespective of location or device. Cisco Videoscape is the only entertainment solution available today that delivers this experience in full scope, combining all the necessary technology components of the cloud, the network and client devices.

Lets wait and see how this new device will turn the table for the TV audience.

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