6 Hosting Issues That Can Ruin Your Website

For newbies, it’s difficult to decide which hosting service will be helpful and which would ruin the website. Choosing right hosting service provider can help website to earn higher ranking in search results. Also, visitors will be pleased when the website takes less time to load.

Usually, people choose a company that is offering cheap services. It could be pocket friendly but might not be website friendly. It’s good to keep your eyes wide open otherwise you can face trouble in generating business and achieving higher ranking. Here are the six hosting issues that will ruin your website.

  1. Bandwidth Issue – You are going to introduce a new portal for internet users. Whether the site is related to any business or for personal blogging, you can’t guess how much traffic will come. In this case, bandwidth will help you and if you have chosen a lower bandwidth plan that cannot handle the traffic then your visitors will see an error page.  They will lose interest in your website and this would affect your business.
  2. Technical Support – Not everyone is completely familiar with technical terms. A professional website hosting company can help you to make your website better. In case, your hosting provider doesn’t have sufficient technical knowledge then he would also not be of much help. These problems will occur in the absence of professional help and this is why you should seek experts help. They would help you out and if they can’t, you will be directed to the developers. If the company is not providing expert technical support you won’t be able to fix issues or you will have to hire another expert and pay him some amount.
  3. Cutting Edge Equipment – A reputed company always keeps in latest equipment. You not only get unlimited storage, memory and other features, but also your website is hosted with cutting edge equipment.
  4. Quality Service – A reputed company provides you quality services. You get quick response to your query and problems. They try to fix issue as soon as possible If they are not paying heed to your words of problem; remind them the issue you are facing and also that you are still waiting for the solution.
  5. Search Engine Ranking – Bad or cheap hosting can ruin your online reputation and harm your search engine ranking. For instance, search engine is looking for your website information and your website is down due to some hosting error. In this case, when Google or any other spider visits it, it might ignore the error for the first time. But if it gets same result again and again, your website will earn an impression of a downgraded website. And your website will lose authority, reputation as well as ranking.
  6. Bad Pages or No Pages – If you are facing trouble now but still using the same company for hosting, it might prove to be dangerous for your website in the future. Because when you try to make it a bigger platform for your visitors and look for better services, you have to choose a reputed company. After proper research, you will surely be able to find another company and will transfer your website to other platform. It might also be possible that you change your CMS (Content Management System) platform.  For example, earlier you were using Joomla and are now converting your website completely into business so choosing Magento web hosting.  These changes can damage or remove your website pages. And, search engine like Google hate this; and, it results in lower ranking.

When you keep aforementioned points in mind, you will surely not look for cheap options but choose the cost effective hosting provider. Ensure you are making right decision as it will support you to turn your dream into a reality.

Author Bio: Samith Jhon understands common hosting problems and usually few people caught in such situations. It’s good to do proper research and find out the best Magento web hosting service provider.

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