Nokia 801T unveiled in China with TV antenna

Nokia 801T

Nokia 801TWhen you see if for the first time, I’m sure that the only thing you are going to think is that the phone is an awesome Chinese clone. Its not until you see the official Chinese Nokia blog that you believe that Nokia will be releasing such a phone. The looks are not at all like Nokia, but like a lot of Chinese clones. But anyway, this thing is official. The Nokia 801T is here, and its bringing something unusual for a Nokia device.

The device has an all metallic body, and that is a unibody, which is unusual Nokia to begin with. Then, it is running the old Symbian^3 operating system. So I really doubt whether this will see other countries of the world or will die in China only. Because I really don’t think there is market for Symbian^3 devices anywhere in the world.

Next, the Nokia 801T is a  TD-SCDMA device, which means it is not a universal phone. Nokia will have to manufacture region specific phone if it wishes to make this a universal phone. The phone has a 4-inch display, which is not bad enough. But these are all not the important things here. The thing is that the phone comes with a telescopic TV antenna.

Yes, you can watch TV on this Nokia phone, that too without having to tap into your cellular network. This means you will be saving a few bucks on TV, but my question is, how many people will be willing to watch TV on a mobile phone? And if you want a bit more modern age touch to this phone, you get NFC as well. This will help you transfer content from other NFC enabled devices with just a touch of the devices. Also, this makes for easy payment method at places where NFC can be used for payments.

If you are interested, there is no info about the pricing and availability of the device. But if you are from China, you can have a look at the official web page [in Chinese] for more info. And for others, we will be updating you about the phone.

Nokia 801T

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