Nokia’s first touch and type slider phone

Nokia touch and type slider phone

Nokia has hundreds of phones to offer. But it hasn’t had a phone which sports both a touch screen and a slide out keypad. But now, here it is. The phone follows BlackBerry Torch footprints, according to me. Because it has the same form factor and it was RIM’s first touch and type slider phone.

Anyway, this phone is called the Nokia C2-06 and is a budget phone. The phone sports a 2MP camera at the back without flash, runs on Symbian S40 V6, and has a resistive touch screen with a slide out keypad. Since this is the first leak of the phone, there is no much info available such as release date, price, etc.

Since this is a leak from India, the western part of the world may not get to use this phone. This is because Nokia has not really been a favorite in the western countries, and Nokia last Symbian phone has been released. Now that Nokia has joined hands with Microsoft to release Windows Phone 7 smartphones, Symbian is a talk of history.

Anyway, stay tuned to get more info on this.

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