Samsung’s new Galaxy SII TV commercial aims at iTunes and iCloud

Samsung's new SII commercial against Apple

The battle between Apple and Samsung is not new. Th patent war has been going on for months and we have been writing about it, and you have been reading (I hope). This all became much more interesting ever since Samsung’s ban on sales started going off in more than one country. The Korean company has been excited about this and we have been seeing that in its latest TV commercials. Samsung’s TV commercial to market its Galaxy line of smartphones has been stabbing the Apple iPhone, and the very latest TV commercial is no different.

The new one is called “Movies and Music” and is of course aimed at Apple’s iTunes and iCloud, which bring music and movies to the cloud. The commercial flaunts the features of a Galaxy SII over an iPhone 4S. A group of young adults are shown standing in a long queue in front of a [Apple] store for it to open and start the sales. Then, a man walks by them holding an SII and listening to music. This is where the ad begins. You can watch the ad below.

So, as you can see, the Samsung guy says “Well I have all my playlists right here, my music streams from the cloud, and I have tons of places to buy my movies.” What do you think that is about? Its about Google’s new Music app which syncs your music to the cloud and lets you sync with on just any computer or Android device which is connected to the internet.

I dont think I need to give a lot more explanation. So, what do you guys think? Samsung has gone too much into it, or is it doing its part properly considering what Apple did to it? Which phone do you fancy anyway, a Samsung Galaxy series phone or an iPhone?

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