Android 4.2; bringing you the Technology You Need

AndroidEven though Sandy has had the country in frenzy and worried about the damage to the East Coast, Google has kept their word and announced the release of the all new Android on Monday. The latest version of the Android OS brings you the great innovation of gesture typing, and much more.

Are you thinking about getting a new Android device that can help you with your productivity? If you are upgrading, or buying your first “smart-device”, you may want to consider the new Android 4.2 as an option. It is an improvement from the previous versions and the first of major improvements for the Android 4 OS before the release of the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 7 Tablet.

With the release of Android 4.2, Android phone users have seen the integration of innovative new features such as gesture typing and improved voice commands. The innovations go beyond useful, and with the new android phones there is even usability with the ability to connect devices used for braille and other disabilities.

What Android 4.2 Can Do for You

It will bring you the best of what Android has to offer, with improvements on the Jelly Bean release of Android. If you want to have the latest in mobile technology, or you have to have the latest in mobile technology, then an Android 4.2 device is what will bring it to you.

The new Android 4.2 is the latest in improvements the Android mobile OS. Aside from having gesture typing there is also 360 degree panoramic photos for the camera app, so that users will not miss one eye catching moment. It is an improvement that the competition over at Apple cannot compete with.

There is also wireless support that will allow you to stream media to your HDTV. This is just some of the new innovations for Android 4.2 Jelly Beam. Google has also thought about what you do most, and now there is the ability to put the widgets you use most on the idle screen making it easier to access the content you need or want most.

Sometimes mobile devices have more than one user, and this often is overlooked by the makers of mobile devices. Now, Google has thought of the mobile device users that may need to have multiple users just like a home PC. The new Android 4.2 gives the ability to have profiles for several users just like a home PC.

Android 4.2 Brings in a New Era of Mobile Development

The timing of the release of the new improvements to Android Jelly Bean has come just in time to challenge Microsoft’s release of the Surface Tablet. This is a strategy that they have used with Apple to take the market share, and it has worked.

With the release of the Android 4.2 OS, Google has come in time for the holiday shopping season to compete with the other mobile devices that have come out this holiday season. The Surface Tablet is a major competitor, and Google has timed the release of the Nexus 4 smartphone and Nexus 7 tablet to welcome in the holidays alongside the Surface Tablet from Microsoft and the iPad Mini from Apple. This is the beginning of true competition in the industry of mobile technology.

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