Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III bootloader now unlocked

Samsung Galaxy S 3

If you have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S III and have been waiting to get your hands on any of the many custom ROMs available on the internet with so many improvement and features, you can rejoice now. Well, there was always the option of getting a Developer Edition version of the Galaxy S III for $600 if you wanted to try custom ROMs. But who would pay that much. Now, thanks to developers worldwide, you can unlock the bootloader of the usual Verizon Galaxy S III with a little bit of circus.

The list of tools required and the complete procedure of how to unlock your smartphone has been posted on the forum under the appropriate section. Do note, you will need a computer running Linux or Mac OS X to do the stuff. However, work is under progress to bring the stuff to Windows as well, but that may take some time.

You should be well informed that carrying out the procedure wrongly will have chances of bricking your device. You have to do a thorough search on the internet about the exact tools required to do the unlocking,¬†prerequisites if any, and the correct procedure to unlock. Don’t forget the read user comments and see if anybody has hard bricked their phones.

After you do all this, I guess you will be able to go ahead and unlock your smartphone, and enjoy the awesomeness of custom ROMs.

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