Why Pocket TV is a Mini Android Computer in an HDMI Dongle

Mini Android ComputerInternet is accessible for more than a billion people today and they use it regularly. Therefore, it is hard to believe that any new gadget or technology will not gather their attention and will not be noticed by them. Since they keep themselves updated with the changes or updates in technology, they are willing to adapt any new changes that seem impressive and interesting to them.

However, this probably does not hold true with the recent technological development of Pocket TV. Though this has garnered some attention and probably even demand among people, it is not up to the level expected. The Pocket TV was developed by a company at its start up stage and it has all the potential of becoming the next breakthrough in consumer gadgets.
Pocket TV is still in its development and testing phase and it hasn’t been launched properly for the general public. Yet, people can purchase the test versions of this product that are available in the market for a price of not more than $100. The test version only lacks the final touches that are done to complete a product but includes the core features of the overall product.

Some people may believe that the Pocket TV enables a user to watch TV on gadgets that are pocket-sized, just as the name suggests. However, this is not true. In fact, it is completely the other way around. A Pocket TV device is attached to your normal television set to transform it to a Smart TV which enables you to control it like an Android-powered device.
Some people may not be willing and appreciative of the idea of having a Pocket TV device attached to their television set. This may be because they only wish to continue using the services which they feel may not be accessible if the pocket TV device is installed to the television set.

However, they need not to worry. A pocket TV device attached to your television set will not affect any services you are currently using. Instead, it will only provide you with added benefits and advantages of an Android-powered device.

Now you may wonder how a pocket TV device is attached to the TV. The answer is simple. Every modern television set has an HDMI port and the pocket TV device, being a dongle, is connected to this port. Many people, who were enthusiastic regarding this product, were basically impressed with the fact that a mere dongle provides them with greater entertainment options.

When the dongle is connected to your TV set, the Android environment starts to load on your TV screen. After the loading is finished, you can access all the typical functions and features that are available in an android-powered device that has made this technology a huge success over recent years.

The dongle that is used to attach the pocket TV device to the television set is not just ordinary equipment; it is in fact a mini computer. It is powered with the latest Android operating system 4.0 and has a built-in 1 GHz processor inside.

The pocket TV device, though not the invention of any well-known industry leader, is undoubtedly the most exciting expansion and development in technology over the recent years. The fact that this innovation in technology was created, designed and developed by a company that is only in its start-up stages speaks volumes of the future prospects of the company and the tech industry as a whole.

All in all, this pocket TV device transforms your normal television set into a Smart TV, which in turn enables you to use all the similar features that are usually associated with computers and Smartphones. These features include; browsing the web, downloading content, streaming videos, logging on to social networking websites, listening music, playing games, etc all this on your TV. There are Smart TV’s separately available in the market but they are comparatively expensive. If you already have a TV and want to upgrade it to a Smart TV, all you’ll need to do is to buy a pocket TV device instead which comes of a much lesser price as compared to the Smart TV itself.

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