How Jailbreaking will Break Your iPhone

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The moment most Apple enthusiasts are waiting for has finally arrived with the new unlock/Jailbreak for those pesky iPads (2 and 3) along with the iPhone 4S. A simple Google search will tell you everything you need to know about getting into the head of your little Apple device. Some of you might get a techie to help while others will follow steps off the internet to jailbreak their own devices. But before you sing your song of joy stop and think about what Jailbreaking actually does to your phone.

The third party terror

Jailbreaking an iPhone will allow you to get your hands on Cydia and Flash, and of course you can’t forget all the free apps you get to play with. But with great Jailbreaking comes great peril. Think trouble: think third party apps. Third party apps can actually do more damage than anything else possibly could. If you want your iPhone 4S to magically turn into a paperweight then look no further. Third party apps can go from shutting your iPhone off at will to stealing all your data without you ever finding out what you’re up to. And the very purpose of a smart phone is defeated once you realize your passwords, bank details and other sensitive information is up for grabs because of the apps you’ve been downloading on your iPhone… for free.

That isn’t the worst part. An iPhone is the most secure device possible till the moment you jailbreak it, opening it up to a world of iPhone malware, iPhone spyware, etc. It’s a known fact that apps that are meant to act as iPhone spyware can only be introduced to a jailbroken iPhone. The ongoing debate on cell phone monitoring software is perpetuated by the fact that there are thousands of cases where iPhone spyware is installed on someone’s iPhone without their knowledge. Cell phone monitoring software are being touted as solutions to relationship problems, parenting woes and employer headaches – and they aren’t legal in most cases.

Somebody that you used to know

That would be your warranty, which would be nothing more than somebody that you used to know if you jailbreak your iPhone. In the event that you were smart enough to download the wrong kind of third party apps and they damaged your iPhone beyond repair, you won’t have anyone in the world to turn to- unless you can cough up enough cash for a second iPhone. An iPhone once jailbroken is dead to the Apple people and to the warranty that came with it. This doesn’t just limit you in case third party apps attack your iPhone, there’s a whole host of things that could go wrong with the iPhone which you could easily tackle and fix if you only had the warranty.

What’s an Apple junkie to do?

An untethered jailbreak is often talked about as the best option to keep unwanted third party apps out of your iPhone. But the problem there is that you download the apps you want to use and then once you’re done you reset your phone and it goes back to its original state (and all those apps are gone too). In addition to which you get to live with a void warranty anyway. The best way around this is the only way Apple tells you: don’t jailbreak your iPhone.  It’s like opening the floodgates to a dam and having to deal with the bunch of snakes that the current drew in. Leaving your iPhone open to vulnerabilities is not worth saving a few bucks on some apps.

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