Getting the most out from the iPhone 4s

You simply ordered your iPhone 4S and then you need to know everything your brand-new iPhone can perform. Having a storage capacity of up to 64GB, there are lots of activities you’re able to do. For newbie’s, the iPhone 4S has a great personal assistant called Siri. This voice-activated software understands

your commands and carries them out. If you wish to know where you can eat a cheeseburger, just ask Siri.

An appreciated device like that needs to be protected by adding accessories like for example cases and covers, which will protect your device from being damaged or scratched ,you will find it in any online gadget accessorize shop that sells iphone 4s covers .

Siri is accessible only on iPhone 4S and recognizes your voice and answers your commands. When you are on the highway, you’ll be able to ask Siri for directions and Siri can look your destination and pin-point your existing location. Siri may also send text messaging and help with everyday tasks.

The brand new iPhone 4S is really a technologically advanced Smartphone which needs to be protected by adding a cases or at least covers. You can do

this by adding a case on from any online gadget accessorize shop where you can find a wide variety of iPhone 4s covers or cases.

Your iPhone 4S comes with a dual core A-5 chip creating faster graphics. Play games on your own iPhone 4S as many as seven times faster than the iPhone. Your camera features nearly60 % more megapixels and you’ll spot the difference with stunning information on photos you take with your iPhone 4S.

The iOS 5 is the operating-system responsible for creating amazing photos. With a new face recognition feature, your iPhone 4S will concentrate on just one face or approximately ten faces. The newest photo editing feature enables you to instantly crop, rotate or remove red-eye along with your  iPhone 4S. With photo stream, your photos will even appear on other Apple devices.

iCloud stores your iTunes music and television shows and appears on all your Apple devices. iCloud also enables you to create presentations that you could start on one Apple device and continue the work on another device. You can purchase a new book with iBooks and read anytime. ICloud ensures that the books you purchase can be found on other devices.

The brand new spotting feature will enable your friends and family to know your location at anytime. You’ll be able to set your privacy settings to allow this feature to be switched off or let your friends know where you’re located. You will receive a message asking for your permission to add a person to your list of friends. In case you agreed your family and friends can see your location on a map. {If you lost your phone, the “Find My Phone” app is really a convenient way to find your lost phone.



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