iPhone 5 will be cheaper

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iPhoneThere have been a lot of rumors going around on the internet about how the next iPhone is going to be. Apple has concerns of making the device smaller and cheaper. We have already had a lot of sources comment on this on different websites and news portals. But here is a new report.

A New York Times report says that the device may get cheaper, but definitely not smaller. Well, this makes sense. One of the many reasons why iPhone is so popular is its Retina Display. Making the phone smaller will lead to a smaller display, which definitely doesn’t sound nice.

The report also went on to say that the company is now focused on getting the iPhone to a larger audience, not only the geeks, or the corporate people. How will the company do this? Well, reportedly, the phone is going to be made more voice-controlled, so that it becomes easy for people who cant use or dont want to use on-screen keyboard on the iPhone.

It is said that the company is thinking of ways to cut down the cost of the device. The report says that one of Times’ sources, who apparently worked on many iPhone prototypes, the company is thinking of getting low cost hardware for the iPhone, maybe a low resolution camera, less memory, etc. to make the device cheaper.

Another source has said that reducing the size of the screen will not be a good news for the developers as they have to develop apps according to screen size of the device, and will have to change all the apps they have to suit the screen size of the new iPhone.

So dont expect the new iPhone 5 to be smaller, it will just be smarter and cheaper, which is a good news. Stayed tuned for more rumors and news.

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