New iPhone 5 leaked image reveals 3D camera

The rumors about the next gen iPhone, the iPhone 5 (4S), continue to pour into the vast ocean called internet. However, the one we have today is the most interesting of all. A new photo leaked out of China, which shows a picture of the iPhone 5, reveals that there are 2 camera sensors at the rear of the phone. This could mean only one thing, the iPhone 5 will have 3D photography capabilities.

iPhone 5 3D Camera

A leaked photo of iPhone 5 revealing the two camera sensors

The photo was published first by the Chinese website 175wan, which says that the image came from a town called Shenzhen, which is home to one of the component manufacturers of Apple. I think this is just hard to believe at the given time. Though there are so many rumors about the next gen iPhone, I dont think Apple will implement all these features right away into the phone, or I might stand corrected in the near future.

Back in March, Apple did apply for a US patent regarding the ability to capture 3D images on a smartphone. But the point to be noted here is that the patent images showed 3 lenses on the smartphone. But as we see here, there are only two lenses, as found of many Android devices already. Maybe Apple wanted to reduce the cost of the phone by cutting short a camera lens.

Anyhow, another rumor is that the iPhone 5 will be coming out to the wild later this year in September. I just wish this comes out to be true. I just want to try out the 3D photography on the iPhone. If it comes out with a 3D camera in September, will it be able to out do the LG Optimus 3D which already has a comparatively low price tag and a lot of positive reviews about its 3D capabilities. Let’s see.

One more rumor present on the internet is about the edge-to-edge display that will be featured on the iPhone 5. Are we expecting it? iPhone 5 News Blog says the chances are very slim. The frame that they believe is of the iPhone 5 apparently show no enlargement of the screen size. So we are stuck with the same screen size, but with a load of other features which will keep our jaws dropped for a long time.

Lets just hope all this comes together in the final product that will be released to the public.

iPhone 5 Edge-to-Edge Screen

This leaked photo reveals no enlarged screen on the iPhone 5

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  1. What hogwash, the camera sensors would have to be farther apart to simulate the distance between human eyes and generate stereoscopic 3d

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