Tips to unlock an Apple iPhone 3G without spending a penny

In the US, consumers got the Apple iPhone from AT&T till September, 2010. However, consumers also buy Apple iPhone from eBay and Craigslist. The products sold by a third party are not guaranteed directly by Apple. Do you possess an Apple 3G but can’t unlock it? If yes, then you need to download a program “Blackra1n” in order to use the phone on any network. You need to download the program on your laptop and transfer it to the iPhone 3G.

Here are a few tips to unlock your iPhone 3G without spending a penny:

1. You need to update firmware in your iPhone 3G in order to check the latest version available. With the help of USB you need to connect your iPhone 3G and click on the allow button in order to sync with iTunes. Make sure you take out the UBS once the process is completed and exit out of iTunes.

2. In order to unlock your iPhone 3G you need to download Blackra1n onto your computer. You need to choose whether you use Windows or Mac, after downloading the program.

3. Once the download is completed you need to transfer the program to your

iPhone 3G. Try to connect your computer with your iPhone 3G, the next step is to click on the “EXE” (or “DMG”) file to run it. Therefore, once the “Make it Rain” button appears on the screen, you need to click on it. After the entire process is completed, you need to wait for a while in order to reboot your iPhone 3G.

4. You need to run Blackra1n on your iPhone 3G, and then get the iPhone 3G within range of a wireless Internet connection. The next step is to click on the icon displayed on the iPhone 3G’s screen. After this you need to choose the “Blacksn0w”option. Once you find this option, you need to click on the “Install” button. Make sure you shut out of the “Post-install” log that is visible on your iPhone.

5. Once these processes are completed, you can insert any SIM card into your iPhone 3G’s SIM card reader to use your phone. You can start using the phone with any carrier hereafter.


Therefore, you need to keep the above mentioned steps in mind in order to unlock your Apple 3G without spending a single penny.

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