Micro Pool game for Symbian S60 V5

When it comes to games, touch screen phones have got the best of the games. Symbian OS has a large collection of these touch screen supporting games. One such little game for the S60 OS is the Micro Pool. I can say that this is the best pool game I’ve ever got my hands on for the Symbian phones. This gives a great 3D pool experience with proper sound effects.

As can be seen from the above screenshot, this is not registered, which means that this is not a free app. But the trial version is not a downer as well. It doesn’t expire!! But it has no multiplayer option. You play against the computer, meaning the phone. And you get only the 8-ball version.

The screen clarity is crisp, giving you a proper view of the board from the top. When you begin the play, sometimes you get to break and sometimes the computer. On the right hand side of the screen, you get a small view of the cue ball and the stick, which can be said as a zoomed in view of the cue ball. Here, you decide which part of the cue ball you are going to hit and with what force.  You drag the stick down till you get the required force and let it go. The cue ball is shot in the defined direction with the specified force.

Once the game is started, the flow of the game is pretty simple and smooth. A small box in the bottom left corner tells you whether you to hit a solid or a stripped ball. A dotted line from the cue ball, the aiming line, represents the direction in which the ball will be shot. Its pretty much simple to play. Its good for beginners to try out and learn the game before trying their luck on a real table.

The two side-ways directed arrow at the bottom of the screen lets you adjust the aiming line with precision if adjusting it directly becomes difficult.

The settings menu is very simple to understand. From here, you can change the players’ names, the computer strength, the length of the aiming line, the volume and the colour of the table.

You can have the table in three colours, green, which is the default and the better looking according to me, blue and yellow.

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