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We all have been through the situation where we will be driving or at a movie and we get an SMS message which is very important, and we must reply. But we dont usually take out the phone and read the SMS when we are driving or at a movie, we simply ignore it thinking that we will read the message and reply when we are free. Then, we end up in a very bad situation.

If you wonder if there was some way that you could send a message back in reply to the message you received when you were busy, stating that you are in the  middle of something and you will call back later, things would have been different. But now, here is one such app. Safe Respond is a very simple app which will reply to any SMS you get when the app is activate from its home screen widget.

The app allows you to enter text which can be the length of a text message as a reply to and message when the app is active. Once you activate the app, it will automatically reply with the message that you have entered without you touching even one single button.

You can download Safe Respond for your Android phones from the Android Market. Or you can also download the app by scanning the QR present below with your phone’s camera.

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  2. thx for this post ! very informative !

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