Mobile Phone Tripod Holder Review

Mobile Phone Tripod Holder

Most of the smartphones that are coming to the market today are equipped with really awesome cameras. And a lot of people use these cameras for casual photography. Most of the image sharing web services today are finding these smartphone cameras as the most used cameras these days. When such is the situation, it would make a lot of sense to accessorize your camera phone to get the most out of it.

There are already a lot of apps which will let you apply a variety of filters to your camera lens. But there is no app which will let you get the best stabilized shot. It is true that there are technologies used on high end smartphones today which will try to nullify blurs due to vibrations or shaking of the device while taking photos, but to what level will these help you?

For this, you can buy a tripod which is specially made for smartphones. Yes, there are such accessories out there, and the Mobile Phone Tripod Holder is one of the best in them. The Mobile Phone Tripod Holder is very sturdy, to begin with. When you hold it in your hand, you can be sure of the fact that it will not just snap and drop your smartphone. That is not very likely. Plus, the detachable head of the tripod is adjustable. That means you will be able to fit in most of the smartphones into the tripod.

Mobile Phone Tripod Holder

The tripod has extendable legs. So you can just pull them out to get more height or stability. You can place them anywhere and get an awesome steady shot. And in case your smartphone camera offers timer, you can set the timer and take self portraits.

The tripod will hold most smartphones, but if you are planning on placing a very big smartphone, such as the Galaxy Note, you just cannot. I tried it and was unsuccessful.

You may think that the Smart Tripod would be very expensive. But it’s not. You can get the Mobile Phone Tripod Holder for just $40.99 from here. And since you are there, check out the awesome line of Nokia Lumia 920 accessories too.

Mobile Phone Tripod Holder

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