Nokia is making the Symbian Belle UI more like Android

Symbian Belle

Nokia is losing its ground in the smartphone market with its Symibian OS. This is one of the many reasons why the company tied up with Microsoft to get the Windows Phone 7 OS onto Nokia devices. But its efforts to make Symbian better and appealing has not stopped. Nokia has recently updated the Symbian OS to Belle and most of the features of the OS are like those found of the Android OS.

You can see from the video below that starting from the touch sensitive buttons on the phone to the notification center, Android’s feel is maintained. There are the three standard back, search, and menu buttons on the phone, which are standards on Android. And the notification bar with the pull down menu just looks like the Android notification center with a different theme.

Coming to the app drawer, the default folder structure has been removed and all icons are put to the app drawer itself, one more thing that was not found in the original Symbian OS. All these just make me think if Nokia is just copying the stuffs from Android and putting them into Symbian with a new color theme. What do you think?

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