The Five Awesome Apps to Create Ringtones for Android Phones

Man’s dependency on cell phones needs no introduction. There is doubt that cell phones are an indispensible part of human life. With the launch of the Android technology, there was certainly a revolution in the world of Cell phones. The popularity of Android phone is owing to the diverse applications offered by this technology. Most interestingly, one can even customize these applications to meet his own needs.

Ringtones are the most attractive part of a cell phone and with the ringtone creating application that android phones offer, the whole, concept has become all the more fun. There are various applications that can be used to create a new ringtone.


The first in the list has to be the Ringroid application. The name itself suggests that it is an android application. In the year 2008, Androidi itself launched Ringroid as a ringtone editor. It has since, been regarded as the best ringtone creator. With its help both creating ringtones from the music libraries as well as recording one’s own ringtones, are possible. So to make your favorite song from your library, your ringtone get this app. This enables you to edit and cut a whole song into small tones, that suit the ringing duration of your phone. Creating message tones, alarm tones and notification alerts are also made easy by Ringroid.


Another very popular ringtone creator app is Myxer. You might wish to set a specific portion of a song as your ringtone. This app helps you do this. The application has a unique online catalogue that helps one to browse songs and customize them as one wishes to, and all this at no charge at all. And how can one miss the cool feature to get one’s own voice recorded and use it as a ringtone, which this app offers.

MP3 Ringtone Maker

Think how exciting will it be if you get to select from thousands of lovely songs to set as your ringtone. The MP3 Ringtone Maker helps you do exactly the same. One might personalize a song in this app as well and can also create notifications, message and alarm tones.

Ringtone Maker

Through this app one can actually make ringtones or alarm, notification tones from a file of any format, which is there in the phone. One will just have to press a node of the file, once the app has been started and the song will get edited. All the nodes will then join and form a new song.

Ringtone Mp3 Pro Maker

This free app can be used to create ringtones from MP3 files stored inside the phone and also to download new ringtones. Want to assign different contact numbers different ringtones? This app helps you do so. Customize your ringtones just the way you could do with the other apps mentioned above. Cut and paste the portions you like. One can create notification tones in a similar manner.

Above mentioned are the 5 best ringtone creator applications that can be used in Android phones. They make creating ringtones an awesome experience.

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