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Is Sony Ericsson releasing the next Xperia X8 successor?

Sony Ericsson released the Xperia X8 in 2010 with great hopes. It did make some decent sales, and I can it was one of the considerable phones in its class. With hopes of making the sales high, Sony Ericsson gave the phone a walkman label and released it as the Sony Ericsson W8 in 2011. But we know what happened to that.

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HTC Edge Revealed: Quad Core, HD Display, ICS

The internet has been abuzz these past few days as more information has been revealed about the world’s first quad core smartphone, the HTC Edge.

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Panasonic LUMIX Phone 101P finally announced

Back in July this year, I had talked about a possible Panasonic LUMIX phone. Back then, it was more like a rumor than a confirmed news. But now, we have it confirmed. Panasonic has finally announced the LUMIX phone. For people who love to have a wonderful camera on their phones so that they dont have to carry two devices, this is the phone for you.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia Play getting HD video recording with Android 2.3.4 update

Here is a good news for all you Sony Ericsson Xperia Play fans out there. The news just spread that the Xperia Play is getting the Android 2.3.4 update shortly, and it has some good stuffs coming along with it. The first one is the HD video recording on the phone. The Xperia Play has a 5 mega pixel camera, but for some reason, the company dint think anybody would notice the fact that it doesn’t record HD videos as they would be indulged more in the gaming part of the phone.

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HTC Vigor coming to RadioShack on October 20 as HTC Droid Incredible HD

We have seen for a long time that HTC Vigor is coming to Verizon’s stack on the 13th of October in the name of HTC Droid Incredible HD. But now, there is a new report. HTC’s Vigor is coming to Radio Shack on the 20th of October. This news is according to Droid-Life. But what about the 13th October date?

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HTC Bliss renamed to HTC Rhyme, launch on September 20

There have been a lot of HTC Bliss news and rumors with all those leaked images, videos, and even a leaked ROM. But now, it seems like the name HTC Bliss is going for ever, and HTC Rhyme is coming to stay. HTC Rhyme is coming with Android 2.3.4 and HTC’s awesomely popular UI overlay, the Sense 3.5. The phone is said to debut on the 20th of September, that is just 4 days away.

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HTC unveiled Sensation XE with Beats audio

A refresh to the HTC Sensation line was due for some time. Every HTC fan has been waiting for this. And now, the company has answered the worries with the new HTC Sensation XE, a new sensational Sensation with Beats audio built into it. HTC has been talking and making Beats audio phones for some time now, and its nice to see Sensation also getting the quality audio favored by every audiophile.

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Samsung Celox.4G LTE – Biggest threat to iPhone 5

Samsung, with its range of Android smartphones (Galaxy series) has made an electrifying entry into the phone arena. It has managed to put a strong hold over the mobile market ranking, only next to Apple. The latest Samsung Galaxy S2 has been a big hit and is considered one of the most powerful smartphones ever built.

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SoftBank Japan announces its first Yahoo! Phone

With all companies coming up with their own smartphones, Yahoo! was left in the shadows with nothing much to offer. This was a bad news for Yahoo! fans, if there still are some. So, to beat it all, Yahoo! has come up with its own Yahoo! phone. Now, when you say Google phone, you know you are talking about Android because Android is Google’s mobile OS platform. Similarly, from other companies we have iOS and Windows Phone 7. But for Yahoo! phone, its just Google phone.

Why should you buy an HTC EVO 3D?

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Why should you buy an HTC EVO 3D?

The HTC EVO 3D has been released by the Taiwanese company after its popularity in the USA made HTC revaluate its US only launch. So why has the device been so popular with US customers and why should you buy an HTC EVO3D? 3D Screen Well the most obvious thing about the HTC is the [...]