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Pinterest app finally released on Android

Pinterest is one of the newest social networks that’s gotten a lot of people very excited. At its core it’s quite simple - a community of people sharing images that have been ‘pinned’ from across the internet. You’re encouraged to pin images that you’re interested in (hence the name) and following these instructions you build [...]

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Popular Carbon Twitter client for Windows Phone coming to Android soon

Carbon, a popular Twitter client that started out on webOS then made its way to Windows Phone, is now making its way to a new platform: Android. The developers are about to launch the app into private Alpha, and have released a sneak peak of the app running on Android. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BcloiEZa1iI] From the video, [...]

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Google Releases Chrome For Android, In Beta Of Course

After three long years of waiting, Google have finally released their flagship Chrome browser for Android. The Chrome team evidently wanted to ensure the full Chrome experience made it down to the mobile version, instead of it just being ‘Chrome Lite’, because three years is a long development cycle for any browser. Now that it’s [...]

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Transformer Prime Coming December 8th

The first Tegra-3 equipped Android tablet is coming soon – the Asus Transformer Prime will reportedly be released on the 8th of December by US retailers.

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HTC Edge Revealed: Quad Core, HD Display, ICS

The internet has been abuzz these past few days as more information has been revealed about the world’s first quad core smartphone, the HTC Edge.

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Apple and Facebook may join hands to take down common enemy, Google

We all know how the relationship between Apple and Google is, and Facebook and Google is. Apple and Google are competitors in the smartphone market, while Facebook and Google are competitors in the social networking world. This way, both Apple and Facebook want to bring down Google for their own benefits.

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GameStop Sells Android Tablets For Gaming

US games retailer GameStop has begun selling its own line of branded Android tablets via its website.

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Amazon’s Tablet existence not a rumour any more

This piece of rumor comes from a guy who has tipped TechCrunch on this. He says he knows about it because he has “seen it and used it”. The tablet will retain the Kindle title and it is going to be a 7 inch, capacitive touch screen device. No pictures have been released, but it is said to have the form factor similar to that of a BlackBerry PlayBook.

100,000 apps in the Android Market

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100,000 apps in the Android Market

After two years of the launch of the Android Market, there are now 100,000 apps in it for your disposal. How many will you download and how many will you buy? With 200,00 Android phone being sold each day across the world, this is something.