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Panasonic’s ToughPad tablet, a very tough tablet

Panasonic has entered the tablet market a bit lately, but it is here with a loud thud. Panasonic’s Android-running tablet, ToughPad, is supposed to be the physically toughest Android tablet till date. The tablet is the company’s premium offering Panasonic claims that the tablet will “go where no tablets have gone before.” That is some tag line, and the specs of the tablet seem to strengthen the tag line.

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GameStop Sells Android Tablets For Gaming

US games retailer GameStop has begun selling its own line of branded Android tablets via its website.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 now available for pre-order

For all of you who have been waiting eagerly for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, here is a sweet news. Samsung has finally opened up pre-orders for the 8.9 inch tablet. Samsung announced this on Monday, and if you order now, your tablets will be shipped on October 2nd. The 16GB version of the Tab 8.9 will cost you $469 and the 32GB version will cost you a 100 bucks more at $569.

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Motorola Xoom 2 may have 4G LTE radios

There are rumors that Motorola is working on releasing two new tablets, a 10.1 inch Xoom 2, and an 8.2 inch Xoom 2 Media Edition. It is said that both of these tablets will ship with Honeycomb and will be 9mm thick (or thin), a bit thicker than the iPad 2. The Xoom 2 Media Edition is also said to be a bit high on the entertainment side with an IPS display and other features. And there is a new set or rumors today.

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New Motorola Xoom 2 specs leaked, Xoom 2 Media Edition

A few days back, we saw a leaked image of a 7 inch Motorola Xoom tablet. Now, there is a new news. The Next Web says that there is a new second gen 10.1 inch Xoom tablet. TNW also says that its source at Motorola has leaked this news along with some specs of the tablet.

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Sony Tablet S to get Android 3.2 update

All Sony Tablet S owners have a good news. Your newly bought tablet has some good coming its way, and its an update to Android 3.2 with some goodies. The update is bringing with it support for the Unlimited Video Store. The Store will actually be launching on the 10th of October. So the update will bring support for it so that when it opens up for public, you will be able to access it.

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Asus Eee Pad Slider coming to the US be September end for $475

Asus showcased two awesome tablets at the CES this year, the Eee Pad Transformer and the Eee Pad Slider. We have already seen how awesome the Transformer is, and now, its time for the Slider to make its magic. If you are not sure, the difference between the two is that the Transformer has the form factor of a tablet from the book, while the Slider is more on the creative slide with a slide out full-QWERTY keyboard built into it.

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Motorola to release a 7-inch tablet by year end

Motorola Xoom was one the first Honeycomb tablet to come into the world and when it did, it was poised as the true iPad killer. Motorola sold 440,000 Xoom units in a quarter, and in the same quarter, Apple sold 9.25 million units. Its pretty much clear which one is killing which one. But what surprises me is Motorola is willing to fight back, which is not at all.

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HTC’s Tablet now available with AT&T

While we wait for Amazon’s Kindle tablet to hit the market there, is another new toy out already. This new tablet is from the HTC stable. It’s called the Jetstream and is available in AT&T stores. The Jetstream is also AT&T’s first 4G LTE tablet.

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Toshiba taking on Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with a new tablet

Get an Android 3, or Honeycomb ROM, some speedy CPU, good amount of RAM, put all these in a box, a very thin and light box, and fit it all the different types of ports you can imagine, and then cover the top with a 10+ inch touchscreen display. Sounds good? To me also when I first came to know about this. This is apparently what Toshiba is doing these days in its tablet lab.