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Apple rumored to use Sharp’s IGZO technology for iPad 3 display

We have had the news that Apple will be seeking Sharp as the display supplier for the upcoming iPad 3, and WSJ had even confirmed this Today we have new news about the same topic. Apple will surely be using Sharp’s display, and but the news is about the technology being used. It is being rumored that Apple will be using Sharp’s IGZO (indium gallium zinc oxide) technology in the iPad 3 display.

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iPad 3′s microphone part leaked

Whenever Apple is poised to release a new post-PC product, there is a lot of rumored surrounding the product. We have seen this happening right from the first ever iPod, right? Even today, we see a lot of rumors coming up about the new iPad 3 which is expected to be released in the coming year. Today we have a new iPad 3 rumor, which is a leaked part of the device. This is supposed to be the iPad 3′s microphone flex cable.

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iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will have 4G LTE chips

We have been reading about these rumors for along time now, and yet, we dont seem to have been tired of it. When Apple announced the iPhone event a couple of months back, everyone thought that Apple will be releasing the iPhone 5, but the iPhone 4S turned up and it dint have a 4G LTE chip on it. This has been very disappointing. Now though, there is a news from a trusted source, the Japanese publication Nikkei Business, that the next year’s iPhone 5 and iPad 3 will both have 4G LTE chips in them.

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Wall Street Journal confirms Sharp as the iPad 3 display panel supplier

Earlier this month, we had got a news that LG is building Retina display for iPad 3, but today Wall Street Journal says that its sources have confirmed that Sharp will be manufacturing the display panels for the iPad 3. I dont know which news to believe. But this one, as Wall Street Journal seems to be confident, may be the truth.

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Longer iPhone 5 and thicker iPad 3, more rumors

We have got more rumors today about the coming products from Apple, the iPhone 5 and the iPad 3. To begin with, lets see what we have on the iPad 3 front. We have had heard before that Apple was going to have a higher resolution display than the iPad 2. That obviously needs more resources. One of those resources is the light bar. It was told earlier that the iPad 3 will come with two light bars to support the higher resolution. Today, DigiTimes confirms that the iPad 3 will either have a dual-LED light bar, or two single LED light bars. Having two light bars has increased the thickness of the iPad 3 by 0.7 mm as compared to the iPad 2. So, you are getting a thicker iPad 3.

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LG building Retina displays for 4-inch iPhone 5 and 7.35-inch iPad

We have seen a lot of rumors about the iPad 3 and the iPad 2S, and about the iPhone 5 being real. To add up to all these, we have another rumor today which says that LG is building the Retina displays for the 4-inch iPhone 5 and a 7.35-inch iPad. In fact, LG has already officially confirmed that it is building Retina display for the iPad 3, but these two other devices are new to the list.

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New rumors about iPad 3 and other Apple products

There have been quite a few rumors popping up in the blogosphere today, and most of them are inclined towards Cupertino, the capital of the Apple clan. Apple just updated its phone offering to the world and released the iPhone 4S. But the world expected to see an iPhone 5, disappointment there. Also, the world expected an iPad 3 by the end of this year, but nothing of that sort has come out of the campus of Apple HQ. But now, there seems to be something good.

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Target discounts iPad 2, is it time for iPad 3?

There have been a lot of rumors about the iPad 3, also known sometimes as iPad HD. But lately, we have nothing about these cool tablets. We have read about rumors like this tablet is going to have an improved camera, a better processor, A6 to be precise, a Retina display with almost double the resolution of the current iPad 2, and much more. But whatever happened to all these rumors.

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iPad 3’s display panels to come from LG, Samsung and Sharp

We had read in various earlier reports about Apple’s plan to look for new suppliers for iPad 3’s display units. Apple has now zeroed in on who will actually deliver those iPad 3 display panels. The only unexpected news is that it’s not just one company that Apple has selected to do this task. It’s 3 companies. The companies are, LG, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp.

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Leaked photo of an iPad 3 component

New iPad 3 rumors are coming out almost everyday, and today’s comes from a Taiwanese forum Apple.pro, a forum which has a history of giving out very valid info about Apple’s future products. Now, the news for today is a leaked photo of a component which is supposed to be a part of the next gen iPad, the iPad 3.