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Top 5 iPad 3 accessories

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Top 5 iPad 3 accessories

Today we’ll be looking at five of the latest and greatest accessories available for our favourite Apple tablet, that third generation iPad. Let’s get right into the top five iPad accessories! 5. Universal Cradle for iPad, iPhone and iPod This sleek, white glossy dock for the iPad keeps your tablet charged and synced with your PC. [...]

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iPad may debut at Harrods on March 16

With the rumoured announcement date less than two weeks away, new iPad 3 rumours continue to flow. The most interesting one to break this week is the possible launch date of the iPad 3 - March 16th. Why that date? Well, you might have heard back in January that Apple are due to open a [...]

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Samsung Will Announce 11.6” Retina Display Tablet

According to industry news site BGR, Samsung are set to announce an 11.6” Retina Display tablet at the Mobile World Conference next year, at 2560 x 1600 pixels.

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New rumors about iPad 3 and other Apple products

There have been quite a few rumors popping up in the blogosphere today, and most of them are inclined towards Cupertino, the capital of the Apple clan. Apple just updated its phone offering to the world and released the iPhone 4S. But the world expected to see an iPhone 5, disappointment there. Also, the world expected an iPad 3 by the end of this year, but nothing of that sort has come out of the campus of Apple HQ. But now, there seems to be something good.

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Target discounts iPad 2, is it time for iPad 3?

There have been a lot of rumors about the iPad 3, also known sometimes as iPad HD. But lately, we have nothing about these cool tablets. We have read about rumors like this tablet is going to have an improved camera, a better processor, A6 to be precise, a Retina display with almost double the resolution of the current iPad 2, and much more. But whatever happened to all these rumors.

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iPad 3’s display panels to come from LG, Samsung and Sharp

We had read in various earlier reports about Apple’s plan to look for new suppliers for iPad 3’s display units. Apple has now zeroed in on who will actually deliver those iPad 3 display panels. The only unexpected news is that it’s not just one company that Apple has selected to do this task. It’s 3 companies. The companies are, LG, Samsung Electronics, and Sharp.

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iPad HD in the making?

If you dig deep into the Apple world, there is not one, not two, but hundreds of rumors surfacing every single of day. Now, we have yet another. Apple introduced the Retina display on the iPhone last year, and eventually it came to the iPod Touch as well. The display is gorgeous by no doubt. The dpi on the display reach 326, which is very good for a smartphone.