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Use your iDevice as the controller for Real Racing on your Mac

If you are an iOS gamer, there is a very good possibility that you would have heard of Firemint’s Real Racing. The game is one of the best racing games, or you can even say one of the best games, on the iOS platform. The developers of the game have been pushing the limits to its maximum possible extent all the time. When Apple released the AirPlay mirroring feature in the iOS 5 OS, Firemint was one of the first companies to use the feature in their game.

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Treasure Seekers 3: Follow the Ghosts is on sale from December 11th

G5 Games is finally releasing the third version of the Treasure Seekers game for iOS. The game features “an exciting adventure in 5 picturesque locations.” And I must say, that is true. The game has stunning graphics and the capability to keep you addicted to it for a long, long time. The game will be available on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad (in HD) starting December the 11th.

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Virtual City Playground updated with new features

G5 Games has updated the most popular city building game, Virtual City Playground, with some new features for you to play. The new update “features new quests and a ton of winter-related content! Starting today, players can celebrate the winter holidays while building their dream cities.” The 1.3 update is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices and is free to download.

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G5 Games releases Fix-it-up 2: World Tour for iPhone and iPad

G5 Games has finally released the much awaited second version of the business simulation game, Fix It Up. The game, Fix-it-up 2: World Tour, is now available for both iPhone and iPad in he App Store.Auto repair shop is saved - now it’s time to expand Kate’s car-repair empire around the world. Help Kate in this time management adventure that will keep you on your toes!

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Virtual City Playground by G5 Games gets a major update!

If you are a big fan of virtual city building games, you must be knowing the Virtual City Playground game by G5 Games. The game is available for both Android and iOS, and iOS includes both iPhone and iPad. Now though, the developers have a good news, after making the game free on all platforms last month, G5 Games has now updated the iPhone and iPad versions to include new and awesome features.

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Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure, now on iPhone and iPad!

Developed and published by G5 Entertainment under license from World-Loom, Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure is the first chapter in the famous Fix-it-up business simulator. Fix-it-up: Kate’s Adventure is now available for iPhone and iPad, a free download with 30 minutes and several levels of game play to try. A full game can be unlocked through In-App purchase.

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Fix-It-Up: Kate’s Adventure will launch on iPhone and iPad on September 22

When Kate returns home after the college, she finds her father’s auto repair workshop in financial trouble. Kate decides to revive family enterprise but she needs your help - so roll up your sleeves and get to work! Apply your business skills to make this work: fix broken cars, construct and operate a tuning shop, a bodyshop, a disassemble pit, and more! Explore six exciting locations as you expand the franchise from arid Nevada to glamorous Hollywood.

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Virtual City Playground released for iPad

We had mentioned earlier that Virtual City Playground will be coming to your iPad on the August 25, and here it is today. The game is an extension to G5 Games’ already hit title, Virtual City. G5 Games has released Virtual City Playground on the App Store and you can download the game right away. Below is the press release of the game and also the promo video at the end. Enjoy the game.

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Virtual City Playground HD for iPad is coming on August 25

The G5 Entertainment team has brought many games to the portable gaming systems for a long time now. The team, under the brand name of G5 Games, has brought a lot of games for Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone and iPad, PSP, Mac OS, Windows, PS2/PS3, and Nintendo. So is any platform left out? The team even has a good track record of hit games.

iPad game review: Real Racing HD

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iPad game review: Real Racing HD

Gaming has always been fun. And with the added advantage of the big multi touch screen of the iPad, the fun always gets bigger. And, add a little high definition details to it. Now, can anything stop you? Real Racing HD is what I’m talking about. The game is just beautiful with the HD graphics. [...]